Who Called You into Ministry? God or Yourself? (Acts 8:18-20)





KEY TEXT: “When Simon saw that the Spirit was given when the apostles laid their hands on people, he offered them money to buy this power.
“Let me have this power, too,” He exclaimed, “so that when I lay my hands on people, they will receive the Holy Spirit!”
But Peter replied, “May your money be destroyed with you for thinking God’s gift can be bought!
(NLT, Acts 8 : 18-20).

Running a christian ministry seems to be the hottest cake of businesses now. It seems to be the most lucrative and one that has the highest number of “customers” or patronizers. Nowadays, you can hardly pass five compounds without coming across a church or ministry. How I wish all the owners of these ministries or churches were actually called by God to carry those mantles.

Majority of these so-called ministers were not called by God; they called themselves. That is why evil and sin are rampant in most ministries and churches today. Most ministries are carnally opened for financial gains. By their fruits you shall know them. Even if you are not told, you can know a minister that is actually called by God in any dispensation of duty by the output of the ministry in words and action.

The Bible says a servant cannot be greater than the master, nor different from the master in characteristics. How many people among those running churches and ministries with the name of Jesus Christ as their master believe, obey, live by and preach exactly God’s standard of holiness spelt out in the Bible without diluting it to please their hearers? How many of them are pure from the use of charms and other diabolical means? How many are practicing exactly what they are called to do without mimicking another minister whose own type of call seems to earn more money?

If I open up the can of worms prevalent in most churches and ministries, this teaching will last one month. But to say the least, do you know that many fake ministers and church owners climb the pulpit with charms in their eyes, mouths, clothes, etc? Do you know that some spray something at the fellowship ground before the programme begins? Do you know that usually the people that accompany false ministers to programme as disciples are actually their sin partners whom they pass the night with? Do you know that the food and drink you are served in these false ministries and churches are usually charmed? Do we talk about the spirits behind their altars, miracles and prayers? I pity you if you don’t have spiritual eyes. All these ministers are not called by God. That is why they run the churches and ministries by sin through the empowerment of Satan.

There is this other dimension of this issue being discussed today. It is the issue of dumping your own call for another call for selfish reasons. This is a sin of disobedience and emulation. The Bible says we are like our gifts. God knows the best for you, and anything He chooses to make you, accept it with thanksgiving for His own glory. Some people belittle their own gifts and rate other people’s own high. Everybody wants to acquire by any means gifts that will bring them to the limelight in public and accord them great names, reverence and fame. Who wants to be called as an usher in a church, a music minister, a counselor, a Bible teacher, an intercessor, an evangelist, or even a pastor, etc? Nobody. For people, these types of calls I listed are low-ranked and poverty-stricken. Everybody wants to be a prophet who will tell people their future, a miracle worker, a healer, a deliverance minister, and a visionary who can tell people the food they ate before coming to the church or ministry for the programme. This is the type of calls God will give them before they appreciate it and agree to develop and utilize the gift.

In our key text today, Simon got attracted to Peter’s gift and wished to buy it with money. Today many people buy spiritual gifts from satan with their souls. Look at Simon’s selfish reason of wanting to acquire the gift: “Let me have this power, too,” He exclaimed, “so that when I lay my hands on people, they will receive the Holy Spirit!”
(Acts 8 :19)
He wanted to be a famous miracle worker! A donor of the Holy spirit!

People are seeking for other people’s gifts without knowing that they can do or achieve all other things those other ministers achieve with their own gift when they accept and yield themselves whole heartedly to God’s service with their own gifts if they are really called. God is not partial. It is the same spirit of God that gives all the gifts. Stop the ministerial prostitution and stay put to your call. If you are not called by God, don’t call yourself like Simon wanted to do.



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