After prayer this morning, i wanted to study the bible and the Lord hit me with this portion(1st corinth 1:12)
Immediately i opened it and it says… Now this i say,that every one of you saith, I am of paul and I am of apollos and I am of Cephas and I of Christ.

As i read through the Lord began to expand that particular portion to me, the Church has failed, christians only want to be known by the name of their Church than the name of Christ, thats why you will see someone will say I am a deeperlifer, i am a redeemer, I am mountain of fire,
Some will go as far to say i am a product of kumuyi, Adeboye,Olukoya and the rest of them.
Some will say i am operating under the grace of Pastor Adeboye,kumuyi,Olukoya and other pastors.

Brethren we dont give room to Jesus Christ anymore, we dont allow Jesus to be the Center of our christian Faith.

In the days of the Apostles there is nothing like names of Church and yet the Church was stronger and united than what we have now as Churches.

Pastors are fighting and killing their fellow pastors over supremacy.

Everybody wants to be associated with a particular pastor than to be associated with Christ.

Members are glorifying their pastors more than God.

That one in kenya said he is the mightiest prophet, only him is the two witness, he is elijah, and people are busy following him blindly.

Instead of me to be the victim of churchianity i better quit Church and serve the Lord as He bids me.

Before it use to be One church, one faith, one belief, one hope
Now it is multiple Churches teaching multiple doctrine.

Brethren lets go to Jesus First before going to Church.

I pray God speaks to someone now!!

Frank Goodness Jason

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