WHEN GOD DOESN’T MAKE SENSE… I heard of a story shared by Great Nnamani of a General overseer who God used pioneered a Holiness Church who had a fatal accident while on his way to their Camp for a convention and was rushed immediately to the hospital but died there… The News Quickly Reached his wife Who was already in the Camp that “Daddy is dead”…. She hurriedly Picked some team of senior pastors to come along with her to Pray for “Daddy” to come back to life. They prayed prayers that day but all seems to be of no avail until the doctor told them that if they don’t embalm the body quickly it would decomposed, so with pain in their hearts they released their “Precious Daddy”. According to the story, The church Really loved their Daddy because of the way he brought them up in Truth and Purity. But then some brethren chose not to let allow Daddy go like that and they locked themselves within in fasting and prayer “Crying to God to bring back their Daddy to life just as those women whom Dorcas has blessed beckoned on Peter to cry on their behalf to God so that Dorcas would come back to life because of her IMPACT on them” As they were crying unto God, God tore the Curtain of the natural and pulled one of them into the supernatural Realm… Where he was taken to heavenly court and saw myriads of heavenly Barristers on the left and heavenly Barristers on the right and Daddy was in the DOCK and God was the preceeding Judge and the case they were judging was “DADDY”… Daddy was not been judged because of his sins but because of this; The Barristers on the right hand side said ” My Lord! Send this Man back to the earth. The miracle would boast the Faith of the members and your glory would resound throughout the earth”. The Barristers on the left said ” Nay my Lord! This Man has Laboured for your kingdom Rigorously. He has risked his life for the kingdom, Don’t send him back lest you makes a mistake and misses heaven”. The Barristers on the Right hand side would say “Interjection My Lord! The sheep would scatter if the shepherd is gone and all His labour would be in vain” The Barristers on the left side would say “Nay My Lord! You would Raise another vessel and Give him the Grace to fulfill his task.Remember, you Raised Joshua to Replace Moses and he did the task well”. The Barristers on the Right hand side Said ” Interjection My Lord! Look on the saints Praying and fasting for their shepherd to return (Then a curtain opened and it showed where these brethren were agonising seriously for their pastor). They continue “Would you not hearken to the voice of your saints? Send back their shepherd. The Barristers on the left side said ” Nay! My Lord remember you didn’t give Moses a second chance to Promise land because you know he would make a mistake and that mistake would cost his heaven and you took him home despite his plea so don’t answer the prayers of his members for he would make a mistake and miss heaven at last. Then God the Judge took the Gavel and struck it saying “As the Judge of the all Earth I hereby declare that Mr So so and so would NOT RETURN TO THE EARTH AGAIN FOR HIS OWN GOOD” The Angelic Barristers on the left side were Jubilants and cheering one another….. Then the Revelation seized… The brother who saw the Revelation said “Praise the Lord” Firstly, Bring food let break our fast for Heaven’s Judicial counsel has decided the fate of Daddy and he is Not coming back for his good and ours. Why did I share this story? I was invited to take a meeting at SU and after God Lent us Utterance a young lady walked up to me and after greeting me she said with tears in her eyes ” Is God fair? Is God not partial and unjust?. I asked her ” why do you say so?” With tears Pouring out she said…. My mum was diagnosed of breast cancer and although We fasted and prayed yet she died.Then my auntie(Mother’s sister) who took the Responsibility of Parenting us died mysteriously this year. Then My father’s sister also died this week Wednesday mysteriously despite ours travailing in prayers and fasting. She asked again with tears all over her face “Is God a Good God?” I asked her a Question amongst these three “Is any of them saved that is born again?” She answered yea. All of them by God’s Grace and they all died in faith. God highlighted this story in my spirit and I shared with her and I told her “Who knows maybe this same scenario is applicable to your mum and aunties and I told her LABOUR TO GET TO HEAVEN AND YOU WOULD SEE THEM AND COMPREHEND FULLY THE LOVE AND MERCY OF GOD” Oh! She broke down in conviction and with tears of Joy and huge Relieve from the Satanic ministration that “It doesn’t pay to serve God”. Dear Beloved, Some Terrible and unexplainable things in our lives are not 100% the works of Satan but atimes the Mercy of God in Disguise. How can we explain how a Christian would lose her baby after nine months? If God knows he or she would not Live why keep her or him till nine months? Ah! So many unexplainable evil things that happens to Christians that even I as a leader in my little capacity don’t have an answer for them but to say to them “PSALMS 139:17-18” should be your anchor in this storm. I write to Encourage you Who is going through similar scenario don’t buy the lies of that Defeated foe Who is expert in painting God black but be faithful until the end and in heaven you would fully understand the reasons for such Dealings. May God grant us Grace to tolerate him even when he doesn’t make sense to us. Let’s pray!.. +23470382307 Ihuoma Ifeanyi
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