WHEN A CHURCH IS DEAD…..By Bro. Oke Oghenetegar

A lot of churches have the notion that they are alive but in reality they are long dead ( in a spiritual sense now and not physically), Revelation 3:1 And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead. They think God is still with them but unknown to them that God has long left them. They are in a very deplorable spiritual state unknown to them. It takes one with a spirit of discernment to know that many of this churches are indeed dead. You may be tempted to ask, if you say that a lot of the churches are dead, how then do I know that the church I attend is dead ? OK I will answer your question.

When the church is dead, there is sin everywhere in the church. Immorality is the order of the day. You notice that there is sin virtually everywhere. Sin amongst the pastorate . Sin amongst the members of the church. Sin amongst the workers. Sin amongst the elders in the church and sin amongst the youth. Sin is always staring at you face to face every time you attend church meetings.
When the church is dead, you will notice that the youths that ought to be the future of the church are so ungodly. The youth are not seekers of righteousness. You noticed that worldliness is deeply entrenched in their lives. None is burning for the Lord. Their hearts do not pant or hunger after God. You see female youths dressed to church like they are going to a night club. The male youth dressed to church like they are going for a party with different types of ungodly and demonic haircut on their heads.
When the church is dead, the leaders in the church are unable to preach against sin. They are very much afraid to preach against sin because they are guilty of the same sin. Though they notice high level of ungodliness in the church, they are so mum about it. They behave as if they do not see it. They are not vexed in their soul against the godlessness in their midst and that is because they are not truly righteous like they claim to be. If they are indeed righteous as them claim, they will speak vehemently against all the ungodliness they notice in the church but the reverse is the case , 2 Peter 2:8 For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds. If the leaders of the church are not vexed about the rate of ungodliness in the church then their salvation is questionable.
When the church is dead, you will notice that they don’t preach about hell. The message about hell does not come near the altar. The message of hell is condemnation or judgement to them hence they don’t preach about hell. When they hear about hell fire message, they are not happy. They fight against the message about hell. If it where possible they would have remove the word hell or hellfire from the bible. No wonder members are not afraid of sin. No wonder members of the church watch pornographic pictures or porn movies during church service. No wonder youth will be toasting themselves during church service. No wonder a brother will be sending love sms to a sister in church with his phone and the sister will be replying him during church service and they would be smiling at each other in church during service, what a level of spiritual deadness. Their heart doesn’t prick them at all for practicing whoredom right in the house of God. No wonder members are chatting on Facebook or whatsapp during church service. Some are taking selfies or receiving or making calls during church service. All this happen when members are not warned of the dangers of hell. The fear of hell is not in their heart hence they live their lives anyhow though they profess to be Christians. The message of love and prosperity makes much sense to them. It does not judge them of their sins. It doesn’t remind them of the painful consequences of their sinful life.
When the church is dead, nobody questions the pastor. Everything he says is law even when it contradicts the scriptures. When you question the doctrine of the church because you can not find the basis for the doctrine in the scriptures, you are tagged a rebel. Everybody submits to everything pastors says.
If pastors says God called him “my lord” and the members sees nothing wrong with it. The pastors says masturbating is not a sin,the members begin to applaud or praise him. When you resist daddy GO’s witchcraft doctrines, they will say you are not submissive.
When the church is dead, there will be high level of prayerlessness in that church. They find it so difficult to pray. Praying becomes like a humongous task for them. Remember that you win the battles of life on the altar of prayers and when you can not pray then you are weak. A place where there is no prayer,is a safe haven for the devil. The devil will build a duplex or a five bedroom apartment in such an environment because it’s not spiritually hot at all but very cold spiritually. No wonder witches and wizard will be seated comfortably in the church with their feet crossed, very much unperturbed because there is lack of spiritual fire in their midst.
If I start enumerating the characteristics of a dead church, the message will be too long hence I stop here for the now to encourage readability. So if you notice this in your church then know you’re in a dead church. If the church is not ready to change after drawing their attention to the abnormallies,then I advise you to take a long walk out of that church forever before they quench the little fire in you. Take a long walk out of that church now before they contaminate you. Take a walk out of that church before they make you compromise your faith in the word of God. Salvation is personal. So if the church refuse to be saved then make sure your own salvation is not taken away from you. Runout Now before they run you out of spiritual steam or fire. Runout of their midst before its too late. Shalom


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