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Genesis 31:34-35 “Now, Rachel had taken the images and put them in the Camel’s furniture, and sat upon them. And Laban searched all the tent but found them not…” Rachel’s act here represents that of Christians living in secret sins. Jacob defending Rachel and other members of his family as innocent of stealing Laban’s images represents ministers and pastors whom we fool everyday to see us as Christians by being actively in fellowships while we drag our hidden sins along.

The journey to Bethel represents the journey of the church to heaven which requires absolute inward and outward holiness. Laban, in this context, represents Satan, who is always in search of a sin/his property in a Christian’s life with which to maim or accuse him/her to be disqualified to enter heaven. Are you a Rachel? What is that sin that has become habitual in you and still holds you captive even after giving your life to Christ? Some hidden sins many people always feel relaxed to sit on while still going to church are: unforgiveness, debt, lies, unrestituted sins, masturbation, fornication, adultery, cheating, online immoral relationships, lust, idolatory, malice, anger, wearing idols in the body(such as jewelries, attachments and make-ups, etc)

You are a Rachel in the sight of God not just because you commit these sins, but chiefly because there are solutions always offered to you to take away those sins but you will insist on sitting on them! Why wouldn’t Rachel allow Laban take his gods? What gain would images give Rachel when the Almighty God, the King of glory wanted to identify with her and other Jacob’s family members? It was an act of stupidity to keep those images. What about you? Has God not warned you in diverse ways that you are living in sin? Have you not heard or come across scriptures against your sins? Jesus said we should give to Caesar what belongs to him.

Why are you still sitting on your sins and still refer to yourself as a Christian? Don’t you know that those sins are more dangerous than time bombs because they will not only stop you from achieving your destiny on earth, but they will definitely land you in hell. Remember what happened when Joshua was to be blessed, the devil appeared and accused him in the presence of God for wearing a dirty garment(sin)!

Do you know how many blessings sin makes you to lose everyday? May God give us spiritual insight and understanding! Hidden sins lead to other sins! When Laban was to search Rachel, she lied that she was in her monthly period.

That sin of lust you are now having for that opposite sex will soon lead to masturbation, fornication or adultery, and the sinful after effects will continue growing. Release those sins to the devil always coming to search them out of your life to use against you. Don’t release some and keep some as legacy. Sin offers nobody nothing good. It creates a barrier between us and God. You can change today because even Rachel later submitted those images and other gods for destruction in Genesis 35:1-6. Nobody moves with God with sins. For those of you who say the outward appearance does not matter to God look at Genesis 35:4 ” And they gave to Jacob all the gods in their hands, and all their earrings in their ears… ” If you don’t submit all the gods, images, idols and sins in your possession, Rachel will judge you on the last day.

By Evang. Jane Ebere

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