This picture was taken in 2011. By this time, Henry Hogan and I had become inseparable friends. However, what I want to write about begun in 2008. But as you read this post, bear in mind that BOTH OF US were ORDINARY INSTRUMENTALISTS in our church.
He played the bass guitar, I played the keyboard.

One day somewhere in 2008 after MTH class (he and I offered the same courses in our Part 1), he said to me in his classic way ‘guy make we branch sports’. OAU SPORTS COMPLEX is notorious for prayer and power. We went there, and he led me in my first ever ONE HOUR PRAYER IN TONGUES. It was weird. I had only prayed in tongues for maybe 30 SECONDS at a stretch before this day. But this day in 2009 I did my first ONE HOUR.

We were ordinary instrumentalists.

It became a routine. We soon started frequenting sports till we had somewhere around sports we called ‘office’. It was a depression of sorts, where we could pray in for hours.

We were ordinary instrumentalists.

Before you knew it, we had started seeing heavy healings, and really accurate prophetic words. During this period, we called names, matric numbers, discovered hidden things, revealed secrets of hearts.

We were ordinary instrumentalists.

We used to get people speaking in tongues by giving them our handkerchief. If Paul got people healed by aprons and handkerchiefs, why cant we get them speaking in tongues the same way? It ALWAYS worked.

We were ordinary instrumentalists.

You know what is funny, Henry is still not ‘IN MINISTRY’ as you would expect. He has a paying job, and is still full of God’s power.

He still plays the keyboard and bass guitar.

Let me tell you, power does not look at anybody’s face o. Whether you are Apostle or Deacon or whatever you call yourself if you will get serious with your christian life you will MANIFEST serious power. Healings will become normal around you. You will start seeing visions (accurate visions) and you will not need to start a church because of it.

The time is coming o… We will not need to put ‘prophecy, healing’ atibebelo on our banners to get people to attend our meeting….

…cos every ORDINARY believer would be doing it effortlessly.

Pastor MJ.

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