I never viewed it from this angle until the need arose on Sunday when there was a fuse in church after a new comer asked a question about women and trousers, she said something like the world is advancing and they need to advance with the world.
Siting down to analyse this issue made me come up with few points. In the world, there is always something that differ two different set of people.
The difference between those from the royal family and the child of an ordinary rich man is the royal robe.
GOD told the Israelites to pierce the ears of slaves to use it as a different between the Masters child and the slaves. The first different between a believer and an unbeliever is mode of dressing. The difference between the rich and the poor is their standard of living. We don’t need microscope to differentiate a hen from a cock….

Secondly, what’s the invention of women wearing trouser? It was invented by feminists who believe that what a man can do, a woman can do better. Now, as Christians, are this the kind of people we supposed to look up to? Breaking it down the more, do you know that trousers are bondage to women, HOW?
The sexual nature of a man is meant for trouser and that’s why a man who wear trouser can comfortably urinate anywhere. But have you ever seen a woman on trouser when she wants to urinate, she will look for a bush where she can strip herself. Trouser is not a sin, only when a man wear it, but if you are a woman and you are wearing trouser, oh! I pity you because if you don’t repent and come out from it now, you will be doomed in hell fire.

There should be differences between a man and a woman, I can’t share trouser with my father, share it with my brothers and also share it with my husband, when they wear and remove, I will go and carry it and wear too, GOD forbid! One other disadvantage is that women were meant to sit with their legs closed, but some have worn trouser and are too free to sit anyhow that they even forget themselves when they wear skirt and sit with their legs open and bring disgrace to womanhood.
There should be a different between the Christians and the unbelievers. Let your dress code be different from that of a prostitute.

Even the oyibo people that brought Christianity to us still have real believers among them. Stand for the truth. Say no to the lies of fake prophets. GOD bless you.

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