Hmm this topic sound somehow. They did not sin yet they are guilty of sin. How can somebody be guilty of a sin he/she did not commit. I know some people probably will be saying ,what is brother oke up to this time. How can he say someone is guilty of a sin he did not commit. OK my beloved in the Lord,i will explain. Are they not guilty of the sin they did not commit,when they take delight in them who commit them. You don’t indulge in fornication yet you are introducing your female friend to your elder brother who says he would love your friend to be his girlfriend. You don’t fornicate because you know it’s evil before God yet you allow close friend on campus to bring his girl friend into your room to commit fornication abiii.
You don’t smoke yet when your friend ask you for 100naira to buy a stick of cigarette,you readily oblige him and give him money and you are right there with him while he smokes his cigar right before you.
You don’t drink alcohol because you know it’s a sin yet you are always with your friend everyday that they go to beer parlour to drink their beer. I know you don’t drink alcohol with them but you aid and abate their activities by always following them to the bar to drink.
You know that lady is a prostitute and that she visits the brothel everyday and you know it’s a sin but you are the one to drive her to the brothel every night by 11pm because she hired your service as a cab driver. You did not preach to her to repent but kept taking her there everyday, you are guilty of her sin.
As a godly sister, you believe that as a woman you should cover up your body properly but when you see a beautiful lady that is dressing indecently, you begin to admire her dressing. Secretly you lust after her dressing. Your friends who dress indecently, don’t feel they have a need to repent because you don’t encourage them to stop but you are always telling them how beautiful they are in their indecent dress.
You don’t watch worldly music but you are always reading entertainment news to know updates about them.
In your place of work, your boss ask you to sign a fraudulent cheque in other for them to steal money from the company. Though you are not partaking of the money but you are still guilty of their sins because you take pleasure in their sins or you are encouraging them to steal. Romans 1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.
Beloved brethren, if you are one of the above you must repent because God does not take lightly this act. If people around you or people close to you, still feels very comfortable to sin in your presence without feeling remorse because you are not telling them to repent but instead you are indirectly encouraging them to continue in their sins, then you are guilty of their sins and will suffer the same consequence as them. Repent now. Shalom
-Bro. Oke Oghenetegar

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