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*The Price for the Anointing*

We are living in a generation that quest for the power and anointing of God, not only among the preachers’ cycle but also in the companies of gospel singers. But among these countless numbers questing for the anointing to manifest the power of God in dimensions, only few tend to consider if there be any price tag attached to the anointing of God, no wonder this fast-food Christianity has led into witchcraft and magical practices in the name of prophecy and power services. Yes, scriptures revealed that the blood of Jesus Christ has made all things available for God’s children, but can I tell you that there are available with prices tag on them… Why?

God is a giver, and desire to give, but He has spoken to give only to those that seek with all of their heart. God will not cast his anointing upon unseriouse believers, un-seeking believers, unpassionate believers, and those who never seek in hunger and thirst for the anointing.

The price for the anointing is still resting on the pillars of hunger and thirsting (Matthew 5:6), and hunger and thirst are bye-products of a heart filled with burden for God.

When God want to use a man, burden will be initiated first in that man’s spirit. There will be an inward unrest and desperation for something in God. David described his passion for God “As the deer panted after the water brooks so panted my soul after the oh Lord” (Psalms 42:1). The man Nehemiah was so much filled with burden that tend to drove him from king’s palace to beheld the broken walls of Jerusalem in agony and fasting (Nehemiah 1).

Many times we seek for God outpouring of revival in the cycle of our ministries and churches, but can I tell you that except there be men who are filled with burdens in that church or organization, the power of God will hardly hit such congregations.

When Jeremiah exclaimed that the Word of God was like fire in him, he was not just speaking assumption he was describing the burden in him that was finding place of expression. When you see men that are filled with burden,, you will see men that have lost passion for food, money and worldly affairs, they are sometimes called mad men for God, because they are awake when men are sleeping, on fasting when men are feasting, hiding themselves when men are publishing themselves. These seeking and knocking believers cannot be separated from prayers.
Do you want to catch and carry the anointing of God that will make just a sermon of yours to arrest 3,000 souls like Peter in Bible, then you need to seek God as Peter did before Pentecost.

Many are running to prophets to see for them, this is nonsense to a man that seek dearly for God. You may say you need not the anointing, you just need holiness, well I see only your ignorance. Tell me any holy man in scriptures that manifested not the dimensions of the anointing of God.

Hunger! Thirsting! These two come from a heart that is tired of his present spiritual state, a heart filled with burden. Men and women who see the spiritual bankruptcy of their congregations and can retire back to the secret place of prayers to wrestle with God for a change and revival.

Intercessors are few because burden bearers are few. Only men of burdens can have sleepless night interceding for nations and people. My friend, you will see no power demonstration in your ministry if you cannot count a man who carries the heart beat of God.

The church has stopped praying unrest (burden) for souls perishing. Our churches have relaxed back to counting money, constructing beautiful edifices filled with people who are not passionate after God. John the Baptist had no beautiful edifice, but he had the anointing, and men began flooding into the wilderness seeking for a man that carried what only uncommon men carries.

What will make 4000 and 5000 men to sit on grasses in the wilderness to listen to Jesus Christ if not for the anointing. The Bible made a revelation of it that “in the days of thy power all men shall be willing”. There are beautiful cathedrals who are like sepulchres, you know there are beautiful sepulchres, but housing dead men. The church or believer that lack hunger for God will see no need to call for solemn assembly of fasting and prayers. They will be giving to feasting, and eating up their years on earth.

Do you seek for the anointing of God, then ask God to give you burden,, burden that will bend your knees and suspend you in hours seeking for God. If you want to be another Kenthry Kulma, Chalse G. Finney etc then you must decide to pay the price these great generals paid. And stop carrying caricature service in the house of God that never trigger sinners to weep before God.

Enough of feasting, and lunch yourself into the secret place of prayers, not for showmanship or for internet publicizing, but for building of spiritual stature to dominate territories for God.

#You must be genuinely born again
#Ask God to give you burden
#Sanctify and consecrate yourself to God
#Patiently seek for the anointing in prayers

Jeremiah 29:13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

© Brother Peterson Abu

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