Dear Believer,

Calm down, hold on, I mean just wait a minute, a minute please, alright. Can I ask you a quick question.

I know there’s a fire inside you that’s able to burn the world, I have no doubt, but the question is, “is it burning?” is the fire burning? I mean is it burning you yourself? Not to talk of burning your street, how much more the world.

Will you sit down a minute and face reality for once.

Once it’s 9pm, if you’re not seeing any movie or series on TV, you’ll be on your bed snoring and you want to burn the world

You eat at will and no one can even talk you into fasting, not even the Holy Spirit and you want to burn the world

There are meetings happening everywhere as God’s strategy to implicate you so that He can give you something eternal, but you despise them and sit back at home and you want to burn the world

You can’t even remember the last time you spent time alone with God wrestling in prayer for an eternal touch and you want burn the world

The last time you picked your Bible to read was last Sunday in church and that’s because there’s no projector in your church, for those who have projector, they can’t even remember the last time, and you want to burn the world?

Even the heat of your fire cannot burn a cockroach-like demon around you, yet you want to burn the world.

You open your mouth to scream like Lawrence Oyor “May it not be heard that there is any body else loving you more than me” oh, with the way you’re living your life, is that the way to prove your love for God? you think he sang that song because he wanted to record something in the studio, NO! There was something burning within Him.

See, you cannot tell me you love rice so much and the last time you ate it was three months ago. You can’t claim you love someone and not have communion with Him. Love is expressed in actions and deeds, not mere declarations.

Listen to me, generations are suffering, if you fail to rise God will ask you

There’s a woman somewhere now, dying in labour because her destiny prophet refused to rise

There’s a man with six children at home dying in a car accident right now, just because his territorial gate watcher has been cursed with sleep

There’s a family wallowing in abject poverty and will die poor, because their Apostle is still busy in front of television set laughing away destiny.

There’s a little child who is about to become an orphan just because the prophetic force destined to stop that occurrence is busy arguing doctrine.

There’s a man who’s walking mad all over the street simply because his prophetic legislator is busy living in disobedience

There are folks about to die and go to hell today just because their destiny Evangelists are too busy gisting, playing and gossiping away time.

Listen to me, there’s enough blood upon your altar and upon my altar already. These sets of blood have voices, they scream before the Father day and night.

Battle Axe of Yahweh, Hey… Weapon of war… Can I talk to you for a second?

Will you arise and take your place, or will you fold your hands and fill your altar with the blood of the innocent ones, simply because you cannot tarry for just one more hour?

Will you PRAY or will you keep PLAYING

Will you EXCUSE yourself into the secret place or will you keep giving EXCUSES for destiny?

#Author unknown

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