The Speck in Her Eye. -Episode 4

The Speck In Her Eye (Part 4)

I saw myself in a field of corn and I was trying to harvest the corns. It was a large field and I was all alone. I knew I needed help but nobody was around…there was no way I could do it all on my own. I was becoming frustrated then someone showed up. It was Funmi; she drove in on a tractor and asked if I needed help. In no time we were done with the harvest and I woke up. I noticed that I didn’t thank her in the dream and she wasn’t very happy because of that.

I decided to discount the latter part of the dream…I was elated because the dream was straight forward and didn’t really need a ‘Joseph’ to interpret it.  I shared the dream with Elder Sam who confirmed that God just showed me that Funmi was my helpmeet and a “purpose-catalyst”

I also told Funmi what I saw and she wasn’t as enthusiastic as I had contemplated

“Was that all?” she asked

The question got me wondering, what else she was expecting? After all, it was my dream.

She then told me how she had also been praying about it, long before she told me to go pray and although she saw something in the line of what I said I saw, there was a part of it that was not very clear. It was as if she felt used and exploited at the end of her dream. She said she was still praying about it but she is yet to have that ‘peace’ in her heart.

I tried to make her see the good in the dream and that dreams are not always 100% spot on

“There is so much positive in this and I believe, we can pray away the negative. There is no good thing that comes without challenges. We are children of God, we will overcome” I said, to reassure her

I advised that we could talk to our spiritual leadership about this so they could support us in whatever ways necessary. I then told her I would like for her to meet my mum (I already told my mum about Funmi and she could not wait to meet this mystery lady)

“Slow down sir…I’m not sure that’s the next thing to do o” she responded

“This girl don come again with her wahala (Here we go again)” I thought to myself

“There is something about me that nobody else in the church knows except my foster parents (Pastor Fred and his wife). I need to be sure you are okay with it before we start meeting people” She continued

“What is it Funmi? I can’t think of anything that’ll make me abandon this”

“I have gone past that level…there’s nothing that comes up now that will make me back out” I told her confidently

“We shall see” she responded

She said she couldn’t tell me right there as she would like Pastor Fred to be a witness. She added that she wouldn’t be offended if I decided to walk away after the disclosure.

What on earth could it be?

How bad was the thing, that it would make me decide to walk away?

This girl must not know how much I care for her. My mind ran amok and my imaginations went wild, I was thinking of different scenarios and what she could have done in her past that would make me reconsider marrying her.

“Was she a prostitute?” That would be almost impossible because I heard she had lived with Pastor Fred from her teenage years

She had never dated anyone before me…so it could not have been promiscuity either

We decided to see Pastor Fred the following Sunday, after service. Funmi said she would set up the appointment and make sure he had time to see us.

I almost couldn’t wait for Sunday to come…I had been a slave of my imaginations all week and I couldn’t wait to know that thing Funmi wanted to share.

The service seemed longer than usual that Sunday…I doubt if I heard a single word during the Pastor’s sermon.

The moment we shared the grace, I moved straight to Pastor Fred’s office and stood in the corridor. About 10 minutes later, he showed up with his wife and Funmi right behind him. Some members of the protocol team were with them. Pastor Fred quickly dismissed everyone and said he had a family meeting.

After Pastor Fred’s prayer (as usual), Funmi started to talk. She thanked Pastor Fred and his wife for all the love and care since she became a part of their family. She told them how we had been friends for a while and how I was trying to take things to the next level.

“Have you guys prayed about this?” Pastor interjected

“Yes sir…I have and Niran said he prayed too” Funmi responded

“Okay then, go ahead” said Pastor Fred, as he motioned with his right hand as if he was urging the speaker on.

“I felt led to share my past with Niran, so he can make an informed decision and know what he is getting into…” Funmi continued

“But you are a new creation now; old things have passed away…” Mummy Pastor (Pastor Fred’s wife) jumped in

“I know ma, but nothing stays hidden forever…the blood of Jesus washed away the pains and shame of my past but the records are still there. I believe it is better for me to ‘inform’ now than ‘explain’ later” Funmi responded

“Hmmmn…that is wisdom my daughter, go ahead then” Pastor Fred said


©  Lanre Olagbaju

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