Porn was not made for entertainment or fun it was made purposely to destroy both the actors and their viewers. It feeds man with lust and makes him hungry for more. That is what result in masturbation and all abominable sexual act.
Ignorant men and women love to watch it for fun not knowing that they are inviting demons of lust to themselves.

It is a great doorway for demonic entrance. They don’t need to have spare keys to be in your room. They only need you to watch their product and they will come in through the walls! If you sit down alone to watch something on the TV please have it in mind that you are not alone. There are evil beings looking out for your weaknesses to attack you. When demons get to know that you are weak in a particular area, they will make it difficult for you to overcome it. You will understand why people keep on falling back into the same sin over and over again!
The good news is, you can still win and overcome in Jesus! Through discipline, prayer and fasting. Otherwise, those demons will put stumbling blocks in your paths to trap you so we can’t afford to be careless.
Too many men and women are hooked to porn and are struggling to overcome it after seeing the damaging side of it.
*Even some pastors fall into it.* We should know that the actors are being used by demons to go to that extreme to degrade their bodies.
Married men and women who get addicted to porn find it difficult to sleep with their own spouses, young men and young ladies who are not married will also masturbate.
Porn is very addictive, it is easy to watch but hard to walk away from. They have labelled it as
*”Adult Channel”.*
It isn’t so, it is
*Abominable Channel!!*
A friend of mine told me years back that it is alright to watch porn with your spouse if you are married. *That was a lie!* I disagreed with him. I wasn’t as ignorant as he was.
If Jesus wouldn’t watch why should we, knowing that we are His bride and His temple.
People who watch porn end up having strong irresistible sexual urges, because they have invited the demon of lust to live in them. Once the spirit brings up the desire you can’t stand the pressure but do it with whomever is around you, whether your close relative, a child or even animal.
This has ended many into prison. The rate at which sex offenders are increasing is alarming in our society.
Dear, please close your eyes from watching obscene pictures before it destroys you.
Some people have the nerves to post porns on Christian sites, on Facebook and other social media. *Please delete or block such people straight away!* They are sending people to hell!
A man who was addicted to porn confessed that his whole life was destroyed by it. It distorted his image on how he viewed women. He saw women as nothing more than mere *”sex tools”.*
*Romans 6:13* says,
“Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves to God, as those that are alive from the dead and your members of righteousness unto God”.
What will help one to overcome this killer act is the holy fear of God in a man, knowing that it will be a shame to set your eyes on vulgar images when the Lord is seated next to you.
Porn is deadly.
Destroy it before it destroys you.


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