This Valentine’s Day you will probably either send or receive a valentine gift from someone. More than a billion are expected to be given away. But just like many of our holidays, there’s a lot more behind it than just cards and gifts. There’s a true-life story. It’s a story that teaches us a lot about love, sacrifice, and commitment—the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

In the third century, the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus. He was nicknamed Claudius the Cruel because of his harsh leadership and his tendency for getting into wars and abusing his people. In fact, he was getting into so many wars during the third century that he was having a difficult time recruiting enough soldiers.

Claudius believed that recruitment for the army was down because Roman men did not want to leave their loves or families behind, so he canceled all marriages and engagements in Rome. Thousands of couples saw their hopes of matrimony dashed by the single act of a tyrant. And no one seemed interested in standing up to the emperor.

But a simple Christian priest named Valentine did come forward and stood up for love. He began to secretly marry soldiers before they went off to war, despite the emperor’s orders. In 269 A.D., Emperor Claudius found out about the secret ceremonies. He had Valentine thrown into prison and deemed that he would be put to death.

As Valentine was awaiting execution, he fell in love with a blind girl who happened to be the jailer’s daughter. On the eve of his execution, with no writing instruments available, Valentine is said to have written her a sonnet in ink that he squeezed from violets. Legend has it that his words made the blind woman see again. It was a brief romance because the next day Valentine was clubbed to death by Roman executioners.

St. Valentine gave his life so that young couples could be bonded together in holy matrimony. They may have killed the man, but not his spirit. Even centuries after his death, the story of Valentine’s self-sacrificing commitment to love was legendary in Rome. Eventually, he was granted sainthood and the Catholic Church decided to create a feast in his honor. They picked February 14 as the day of celebration because of the ancient belief that birds (particularly lovebirds, but also owls and doves) began to mate on that very day.

It’s surprising to know that Valentine’s Day is really founded on the concept of love in marriage. On this Valentine’s Day, what are you doing to keep the love in your marriage burning? While giving a gift and card, having a candlelight dinner, and sharing special words of love are all important, the true spirit of Valentine’s Day needs to last throughout the year.

On February 14th, year 270 AD, somebody died and now is in Heaven. But on several February 14ths, even now in 2019 several people will die spiritually.
The destinies of young men and women had been aborted on this day in the previous years, and many destinies of young men and women will still be aborted on this day of February 14th, 2019. Simply because the devil had changed the reason for the Valentine Day celebrations. He had robbed off living and dying for Christ and replaced it with living and dying on the bed of IMMORALITY.
That day, many young girls and ladies will give their virginity away for a gift of phones, iPads, bags, clothes, even valueless gifts as little as chocolate, sweet, fried chickens and plates of pepper-soup and salad.

By the evening of this year February 14th, demons of fornication and adultery will invade our streets and storm our night clubs and hotels to take register of those who are dying soon of STDs, including new candidates who are going to contact HIV and AIDS.
On February 14th, this year just as previous years, forces of evil are coming down on adulterated Valentine Day to possess people with the spirit of Rape and drug abuse. Imagine the amount of pregnancy preventive drugs and materials that shall be sold. Harlots will sell that day. There will be Christian backsliders that day….BECAUSE GLORIOUS DESTINIES WILL BE ABORTED ON VALENTINE DAY.

Some young men and women will place their entire life virtues and destinies in the hands of marine agents that night. February 14th evening is a “night of fun” when many men and ladies will slaughter their destinies on the bed of lustful pleasure. By February 15th, morning it is done!!!
Destiny auctioned to a young man or lady whose future has been mortgage to the devil.
If Joseph had had a fun with Potiphar’s wife, he would never have got to the palace to see the type of glory he saw. He escaped the trap which would have aborted his destiny on which so many lives in Egypt and Canaan land, including the lives of his generation unborn depended upon.

Dear brethren, please let’s post this writeup to our young ones to guide them in escaping the devil’s trap on Valentine Day and pray that the power of God will prevail against the desire of the devil.

Let’s work hard to bring back the true meaning of Valentine Day in order to use that day for evangelism, to minister to the less privilege in times of showing them true love of God with what we have, and share the Gospel to all our hearers instead of squandering glorious futures that day.
May the Lord bless us as we preach the true meaning of the DAY. A life lived outside of Christ will be ruined by the devil.
Beware of the demon of immorality it is for harvest. Watch and pray so as not to be a victim.
Value your life and destiny.
May the grace of God be sufficient for us in Jesus Christ matchless name. Amen.


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