The Race is Not For The Swift…

When you easily pass an exam, don’t look down on those who failed. Don’t rush to think everyone who failed the same exam didn’t study enough to pass it.

When you secure a dream job the very week you complete NYSC, please, do not think all the people who had to stay at home for years or who had to do menial jobs to survive are inferior to you or that you are necessarily smarter than everyone else.

When you become pregnant the month after your wedding and then go on to give birth to a bouncing baby girl, don’t think every one has it as good as you. Don’t give an attitude to women struggling with fertility issues. Don’t rush to say they are cursed, bewitched or paying the consequences of their promiscuous earlier lives.

When your marriage is sweet, don’t assume those with troubled marriage or who have had to endure bitter divorces deserve that they got.

At whatever stage you are in your life, remember those who don’t have it as good, not because they didn’t try to have it good too, not because they don’t deserve the things you so easily enjoy, but because life happens.

Be kind to people for whom your current state is a long dream.

In life, some would always have it easier than others. Our basic understanding of reaping and sowing may not suffice to explain some of these things. But that’s just how life is.

Be magnanimous, generous and kind when you win.

It’s better to be the reason someone didn’t stop trying than to be the reason someone lost the last ounce of faith, of good, of strength in him.

It’s better when people draw strength from your success, when they find the courage to complete their own race because they see how gracious you are running yours.

Be the candle that inspires others to keep burning.

~ Kunlere


Happy New Year!

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