‘And the king said, is the young man Absalom safe? And Ahimaaz answered, when Joab sent the king’s servant and me thy servant, I saw a great tumult, but I knew not what it was.” 2Sam 18:29

A messenger, according to the dictionary, is a person who carries a message or is employed to carry messages.

In essence, the purpose of having a messenger is to convey a message or messages from the sender to the recipient for which the message is intended to be conveyed to.

In the Bible text above, from verse 9, Absalom was hanged in an oak while riding on a mule. In the process, Joab and his armour bearers smote Absalom and killed him. Ahimaaz who was to take tidings to the king outran Cushi (who had the right message for the king) without the full knowledge of what has befallen Absalom.

In verse 29, Ahimaaz got to the king before Cushi, but didn’t carry the right message the king was asking for because he never knew what has happened until when Cushi arrived to alert the king of what has happened.

God sees His ministers as His messengers through whom He conveys His messages to His people.

One of such in the old testament is prophet Jeremiah (Jere 1:4-8) who God chose and ordained from His birth to be His prophet through whom He passed His messages to His people. Other examples are Ezekiel, Isaiah, etc.

They spoke directly the mind of God and never cared to bother if it will be pleasing to hear or not.

Unfortunately, we have many so called ‘ministers of God’ today, who claim to be God’s messengers but had lost the link with Him. They pass messages that are not directly from God but from their own intuition and to the please those they are passing such messages to.

Most of them enjoy telling their congregation messages that are appealing to them and never cared to know the message God is trying to pass across.

A lot of today’s God’s messengers are only full of titles and positions but have lost link with God, hence are not sensitive to His instructions and messages but still ‘fabricate’ their own message in order to remain ‘relevant’ in the ministry.

Majority of the congregation may not be able to discern if the messages from such ministers are from God or self produced.

I pray God help us in this end-time to be able to discern the true ‘messengers’ of God with the right message from the throne of grace.

Remain rapturable.   Solomon T. Omitogun

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