THE Internal Enemy of Every Leading leaders.

-Dennis Abraham


Every powerful leading leaders do not have any outward enemy really fighting them; but they had an internal enemy which nobody under them will ever see in them except by themselves alone, none is able to see any correction in them, because no servant is greater than his master. As the matter of fact every servant can only have knowledge based under the Anointing of His Leader,except if he has a leader elsewhere,or Jesus gives him teaching Secretly under the discipline of the Great master. E.g Brother Paul. Moses was a typical example of a Leading leader,a Leader that leads leaders. When Moses came face to face with the Red Sea, and the armies of Pharaoh followed behind, He was with no doubt leading millions of people, born&unborn leaders  to Salvation. In exodus 14:13-14, Moses told his people not to be afraid and should hold their peace because the Lord would fight for them. And truly, in the following a.m,all their roaring enemies had vanished. They all perished. By the time we get to Exo 17:8-13, we find that when the Amalekites came against them, all Moses had to do was just to lift up His hands and the enemies be scattered. However, Brother Moses had an internal enemy, which was Anger.
Not as if he hadn’t overcome it, but he do used to get angry once in a while through His Sheep’s.
As a matter of fact, if you count the number of times he got angry throughout the forty years that he led his Sheep’s; it was less than 7 times.

   Pls, if a man got angry less than 7 times in forty years, you can say He had really tried, that God was really with Him. However, To whom much He’s given,much is expected. He could not deal with the enemy called anger. The internal enemy finished him. At the last moment of His journey for forty years, the enemy called #Anger stopped Him from getting into the promised land.
If God could not Spared Moses in the Old test, did you think He would spare you in dispensation of Grace?

Dennis Abraham.

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