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_(The Failure of Modern Seekers of Anointing)_

This writeup is specifically directed at the youths. I know it will stir dust. But I need to tell what has been in my heart.

But the adults can also read and be blessed.

I didn’t want to post this today or anytime. It was my decision to keep this to myself. But something happened. What happened gave me this desire and passion to write this down. I wanted to betray my mind and wave it aside but, NO. It kept coming in a way that keeps me restless. To regain my peace, I had to let this out.

Our youths of today have read so many revival booklet. 
Our youths have read a lot of teachings. 
They need fire. 
They need power. 
They need anointing.

But let me tell you. You can have anointing and still go to hell. 
Remember Brother Demas. 
Ha! “If the righteous be scarcely saved… ”
Do you know what it means?
One is genuinely born again but it takes striving through the narrow gate to enter heaven.

Dear youths. 
The gifts of God is without repentance. 
One can be manifesting varieties of gifts but his name has been blotted from the lamb’s book of life.

I see youths of today who are hungry for anointing but unfortunately, they’ve heeded to reality teachers who calls biblical tenets, principles and precepts as doctrines and claims they are not doctrinal based. Ha! So sad.

I see youths who have heaped for themselves honey combing teachers. Itchy ears! Itchy ears!! Itchy ears!!! 
All they preach to you year in year out is power, fire, anointing, being drunk in the spirit etc.

Where is the salvation gospel? 
Where is that Gospel that Jesus commanded us to preach?

You don’t believe in new testament verses which expressly spoke on clothing, restitution etc. You said God can’t exhibit his wrath/fire again.

You said God can’t kill those offering strange fire again. Ha! What of Anannias and Sapphira? It happened in the new testament.

Dear youths. 
You listen to this new generation preachers that has twisted the true meaning of grace to suit their taste. 
You listen to them and still live in sin. 
You come to the house of God to offer service. Hmmm. You are kindling a strange fire.

You go about making incantations and recorded sounds all in the name of speaking in tongue. You are not sanctified, not even born again. But you are speaking in tongues. Hmmm. Pitiable squad.

You speak in tongues and you still lust. 
You speak in tongues but you still steal. 
You speak in tongues but you still exaggerate. 
You speak in tongues but still keep malice. 
You speak in tongues but you are covetous.

Calvary is calling unto thee.

What do you think you are doing? 
Your services are filthy rag before God.

Those falling down and miracles that occurs during those ministrations are allowed because God’s gift is without repentance. Then, Satan capitalizes on it.

Do you know that devil has translated himself into an Angel of light? 
He has deceived and is still deceiving many.

Ha! You can never be holy without getting anointed. Never. 
You can be anointed yet without holiness. Yes…

Let me tell you a secret. 
Anointing gotten through prayer and fasting alone can make one rebellious — you’ll be proud of the times and hours you prayed and fasted to get the oil. 
But anointed gotten through passion for holiness and soul winning must surely last. — you’ll be very mindful and sensitive. You will be sober. The passion for souls will always make you want to reach one.

Youths, leave anointing alone and pursue holiness. 
If you must pursue anointing and fire, get born again and balance it— live holily and pray for the anointing— it will naturally come.

Therefore, many are trooping into the courts of them that tells them sweet words and that which they want to hear. 
God is saying “For it will be sweeter than sugar to the mouth alone and not to the whole man. Because it is so, there surely will be repercussions”

The doctors of the world advises against too much intake of sugar. 
The creator of all doctors is also commanding against excess intake of diluted gospel.

Let us pray ♤

© Apeh Victor

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