bY: Mike Bamiloye

“Rebecca,…Hello, Rebecca!”

“Yes, Mum.”

“Now, calm down.
This crying that you are crying,
I am not understanding.
Now, calm down,
And lay down your explanations with patience.
You said your heart is always beating fast
Whenever you remember that
the Wedding Day is drawing closer.
You said, for some days now,
You have not been sleeping well,
Always frightened by the Wedding Day.
Then, you said, someone was giving you counseling
That you should call off the wedding day
Till you have peace in your heart.

Who gave you that counseling?
May thunder strike the person who gave you the counseling.
Call off what?
When you brought him to us in Akure
That afternoon, didn’t you gave us many convictions.
When you first told your Dad and I,
What was the first thing we told you?
Didn’t we tell you to go and be sure very well before
You bring him to us?
Didn’t your Daddy tell you that
He would pretend you have not told him anything?
He said you should go and be sure very well.

Call off what?
The wedding that is just ten days time.
The parents of the boy were with us here yesterday.
We all ate together on the same dinning table
As a sign of Memorandum of Understanding.
We told them to come down here with Egunsi soup,
With bush meat stew and four bottles of wine.
While we on our part was to get set
Pounded yam in three china bowls.
So they brought the soup and wine
We brought the Pounded yam.
We ate together.
We danced to the old Obey music.
We love he family so much.
They are full of good understanding.
We have grown to be friends now.
And we have sealed our in-lawship with a token of food.

Call of what?
What shall we tell them then?
That our daughter’s heart is pounding “gbi!…gbi!…gbi!”
Whenever she remembers that the wedding is few days time.

Ah! I knew it!
I knew it that the enemies of your father’s house
Would revolt against this wedding.
I knew it that they would take the fight
Into the realm of the spirit.
I knew it that they would turn the heat upon my daughter.

Be bold and strong!
You are the daughter of your father!
A thousand flies do not engage a bunch of brooms in a fight.
It is with the stepping of the leg that the dry leaves are crushed.
We shall vanquish them all.
All those who are waging war against
The wedding of my daughter,
May your ways be rough!
All of you!”

“Mum, please don’t tell my Dad,
All these conversations between us.
Thank you so much for your encouraging words.
Good Night, Mum.”

“That was your Mum.
What was she saying?”

I am fed up with all these.
I don’t know…what to do again.”

“You better wipe away your tears
And face reality squarely.
This is no time to cry in one corner of your room,
But time to face the giant and slay him once and for all.
What did your mother say?”

“She’s never wanted to hear anything about
Calling off the Wedding.
She said it is impossible.
That the two families have united tightly and
The cord can not be broken again.”

“And what is your take on this?
All these depends on you, Rebecca.
Your Mum and Dad would not live
In that house with you and your husband.
If this decision is not right,
Then it is you that would face the horrible consequences
Of living with the wrong man all the rest of your life.”

When I was praying over these in the night,
The Lord gave me a message in His Word
And I don’t fully understand it.
It is in Joshua 1:9
It flashed in my spirit about three times.
And when I woke up,
I went to open the passage and I read it.”

“And what did the passage say?”

“This is it.
Let me open the Bible and read it exactly the way
I saw it……Yea, it says:
‘Have I not commanded you?
Be strong and of good courage;
do not be afraid, nor be dismayed,
for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” ‘

…When you were praying….
The Lord gave you a verse….
It flashed three times….
And when you woke up…

And what does this verse mean to you, Rebecca?”

“Well,…I don’t know, Esther.
Sincerely, I don’t know.
Please, what do you think the Verse means…?
Why are you staring at me, Esther?
Speak out your mind.”

“You don’t know?
You said the Lord showed you this verse of the Bible…Abi?
Well,…the verse is clear enough.
It says you should be strong and courageous.
The verse is very clear.
No ambiguity intended…..

But God is not an Author
Of confusion.
It is getting late,
I am going home.
Good night….”

“OK, Good Night,
We shall see tomorrow to conclude
On the gowns of the Bridal Train….

Ah Good evening, Daddy, Sir”

“Good evening, Rebecca,
You called me in the afternoon,
You were sounding agitated and disturbed.
You said you wanted to discuss something
Very important with me.
I was in Church Elders’ meeting at the time,
And I said I would call you back.
What was it?
How are the preparations going?”

“We are all preparing, sir.
Thanks for all your efforts and counseling.
It is not necessary again, sir.
It has been sorted out.”

“Are you sure? ”

“Yes, Sir.
I am perfectly sure”

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