Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6 vs 14.

If you know the meaning of soul tie, sex covenant or unequal yoke, you will never see sexual immorality as fun again in your life. Do you know how many soul ties you need to break in your life to be free from your sex partners you have slept with? If they are twenty, you will need to break them all.

SOMETIMES JUST ONE STUBBORN SOUL TIES FROM A STRANGE BED FELLOW CAN TAKE YOU A LIFE TIME TO BREAK. So where is the fun? When a girl’s virginity is broken by a man, there is blood and you do not know what the blood is saying. Every blood speaks a language. The bible says that the Blood of Jesus speaks better things than the blood of Abel. When you are sleeping with someone, there is a lot of exchange and most times strong covenants are entered. There is a bond you might not know about. Sexual immorality can be very dangerous, spiritually and physically. What is hidden inside people are too deep to see with ordinary eyes. When you enter evil covenant through sex it might take you a life time to come out of it. You can even inherit ancestral curse or any other curses following the person. You join yourself to what you do not know many times when you sleep around. In Hebrew, covenant means to cut. STRONGEST COVENANTS ARE ENTERED THROUGH BLOOD AND SEX CAN BE THE MAJOR WAY.

I have come in contact with people who this have messed up their lives. SOME NEVER RECOVERED DUE TO THE EVIL COVENANT IN THE LIVES OF THOSE THEY HAVE SLEPT WITH. Joseph was able to understand that sexual immorality is not fun that was why he could flee. He called it great wickedness and sin against God not fun. Genesis 39 vs 9. This is why this message and other of our messages are very important that you make it a good companion and help others to get it to help them in this battle going on between Satan and humanity as he is using sexual perversion to destroy many. NEVER, NEVER MAKE FUN OUT OF WHAT IS A GREAT WICKEDNESS AGAINST GOD. Joseph would have covenanted away his great destiny if he had fallen for the trap of Satan set through pontiphar’s wife. This would have been a serious obituary announcement. THE OUTCOME OF YOUR SEXUAL SIN CAN BE MORE THAN YOU UNDERSTAND. KNOW THIS ALWAYS. These people covenanted themselves away to destruction through sexual perversion and the result was terrible. Jude. 7.. The word of God says they are for our example which means we should learn from what happened to them. Brother Joseph addressed sexual immorality this way:. How can i do this great wickedness, and sin against God. Genesis 39 vs 9. How come that what Brother Joseph addressed as great wickedness against God has become great fun to people? Satan is a work. JOSEPH BECAME GREAT BECAUSE HE ESCAPED THIS GREAT WICKEDNESS CALLED SEXUAL IMMORALITY.

Satan wanted to use this to destroy joseph’s great destiny as i said but Joseph was wiser. If you understand the consequences of sexual immorality, even the thought will not come at all in your heart to provoke the action. DO NOT COVENANT AWAY YOUR SOUL AND DESTINY FOR FORNICATION OR ANY SEXUAL SIN. I say to you ZIP UP if you want to GO UP ! Are you a sinner or backslidder, surrender your life to Jesus Christ and become a child of God, a believer and born again. REMEMBER, YOU SHOULD NOT BE UNEQUALLY YOKE TOGETHER WITH UNBELIEVERS TO AVOID SOUL TIES AND SEX COVENANT, BEWARNED
#Pst Joseph Samuel

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  1. Thanks for the message. Please I nèed to be free from this sexual sin. Help me out plzzzz

    1. Author

      Hello Jude,
      I am sorry my reply is coming now, it’s due to my busy schedule.
      The first step to take to be completely free from sexual sins is to first accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Confess the sin with all soberness and in genuineness and repent of it(2Cor.7:10).
      You need to make all conscious efforts to get closer to God by reading His word(word) often, praying often, fellowshipping with the brethren.
      Then try as much as possible to avoid everything/action that can trigger it.
      Be free to chat me up on whatsapp +2348182380360

      Solomon Omitogun

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