The Congruence IX

I marveled at how Deola successfully stuck a pin in my bubble…how she skillfully rid me of an excuse that took almost a week to hatch.

I took the phone and talked to my sister, who told me to behave myself where we were going and also to thank Deola’s uncle on behalf of the whole family. I also talked to my mum for a little bit…I could tell she was recovering well and fast.

“I guess it’s party time…” Deola screamed, making dance moves without music, as I hung up the phone

I shrugged my shoulder like I wasn’t really impressed.

“You have no idea how much fun this weekend has in stock for you girl…be prepared to get your mind blown” Deola responded as she pulled out a leather travel duffel bag from underneath the bed.

Then she gave me a yellow and blue floral dress to try on…Oh my God! It was as if I was born in and born for the dress. It fit like a glove and accentuated all my curves (that I never knew I had)…it was a little shorter than usual but it was so beautiful. She completed my look with a pair of blue high-heels and matching purse.

That was the dress she had promised me if I changed my mind about the party…and it was so beautiful I most likely would have changed my mind if I had insisted on not going.

Deola also picked a beautiful burgundy dress for herself. I wanted her to wear this other red dress because it was really pretty. She then said that night was about me and that’s why she would tone things down so that I could shine. I didn’t understand what she meant but thanked her anyways.

At about 9pm, the driver that Chief sent to get us arrived. He sent a text message to Deola; who stepped out to be sure it was dark enough and there were only a few people out there. She came back, said the coast was clear and we walked to the car.

“For parties like this, I usually get dressed at the venue but this one is at an Island club house and we may not have the time to change.

I do my best to avoid people getting all up in my business. I learned the hard way and after that experience, I decided to keep my stuff under wrap

That’s why I try to be subtle with my whereabouts. No one needs to know where I’m going just by what I’m wearing

People will say whatever they want but I shouldn’t make it easy for busybodies to put things together” she added

The car was so beautiful…the driver wanted to get the door but Deola told her not to worry about it. I could tell they knew each other and they were cordial because of the way they talked on our way to the venue. She later told me that was the same driver that ran into her years back but he had also been an ally in her relationship with Chief Agbabiaka.

We went to say hi to Chief as soon as we got there…he told us to have fun and enjoy ourselves. He promised to come get us later as he had some issues to resolve before the main event of the night.

There were many elderly men and one could tell they were rich. There were other girls too but we stood out. Most of the men knew Deola (I guess as the unofficial ‘little wife’ of Chief Agbabiaka) and kept calling her to the side to talk to her. I had an idea what they were talking about because I could see the way these men were looking at me. I felt so cheap…it was as if they were “pricing meat” or ordering at a “point and kill” pepper-soup joint. Deola told me not to worry as she would not let me make the mistake of falling into the wrong hands.  

The party was just a lavish display of wealth to celebrate somebody’s induction into their club. They had all kinds of food and drinks; Suya was being served at the grills; that was the first time I saw a whole-chicken suya. There was a live band playing, people were dancing and those old men were spraying money to entice the girls on the dance floor. It looked like a fun gathering but I wasn’t having any. 

Deola had stepped away promising to be back soon but something must have delayed her. I sat alone on a chair by the swimming pool and was beginning to doze off when I heard

“I can tell this is not your kind of place”

I turned back to see who it was and behind me was a tall, handsome man. He was a little elderly as I could see a few strands of grey hair on his head but he looked trim and fit. He had a clean shave and was the only one dressed in a pair of jeans and polo top; the perfume he wore smelled so good…I had completely forgotten that I was staring

“My name is Captain Awodiya…you can call me Festus” the man said as he reached out to shake my hands

“Hello sir” I replied; unable to hide my smile.

He asked if he could sit next to me and I told him “it’s a free world”

Then we started talking…Oh my! 

He wasn’t just handsome but also very intelligent. 

He started by asking which school I was from; as he could tell I was a student.

I told him…then he asked what course I was studying and spent about fifteen minutes “lecturing” me on my course of study and his fascination for it. 

He accurately defined some terms in Economics and Banking and I was intrigued. He advised that I should try to add an MBA to my Bachelors as soon as I was done and it would set me on the right path for a successful career in the finance industry.

He told me about his military experience and career as a naval officer, his family, how he moved them abroad because of the education system in Nigeria, how he was more of a quiet and homely person but was dragged to this party by Chief. 

He shared how he met Chief Agbabiaka; when he was in charge of a military contract and how he ended up awarding the said contract to Chief because of the top-notch presentation that Chief’s company did that even beat what an international company (favorite for the contract) presented.

After the execution of the contract, he was attracted to the excellence behind the Agbabiaka brand and ended up becoming one of chief’s friends since then.

“Enough about me…what’s a pretty girl like you doing among these wolves?” he asked me as he signaled to one of the servers to get me a drink and some finger foods.

I still don’t know why, but I told him everything about myself…every single detail of my life, without hiding anything.

“Wow! You are such a brave girl. I knew there was something special about you. I don’t mingle that much but something about you pulled me out of my shell” He said

“It must be this dress” I responded jokingly.

“Well, it’s a beautiful dress but your body language said more. I also saw the way you walked in those heels and could tell you were different from those other girls here” he replied with a smile

He handed me his card and said I could call him any time if I ever needed anything (his exact words).

He stayed with me for a while and we continued talking. However, when Deola finally showed up…he said he had to leave. Besides, it was time for the induction ceremony and he would have to be there.

Deola almost couldn’t wait for him to leave as she dragged me away from the poolside to get the full scoop.

“Girl…you must have something that nobody else has o.

I have known Captain for a while now…he doesn’t mess around. 

I’m not sure if his military background has anything to do with his discipline as a man.

He is not like all these other men here. 

I was shocked when I saw him with you…I had been watching for a while and saw the way you guys were giggling and laughing; especially how you were blushing”

I told Deola we were just talking. We were both bored, ran into each other and he was keeping my company.

“What about the card he gave you?

He doesn’t throw his card around anyhow you know

He is highly connected in the corridors of power. I know the things Chief has told me about him

You may just have hit a jackpot.

It’s obvious he likes you and that’s enough to get him on your side of the court” Deola added and I could tell she was excited about it.

Continues in episode 10
-Lanre Olagbaju

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