The Congruence XXXV

Uncle Ade was behind him. It was as if the cat got my tongue for a minute or so


Can we come inside?” Uncle Ade asked…just to break the ice

 “Good…good evening sir

Sure sir” I mumbled as I opened the door wide.

 The fact that Folahan was not with them bothered me and as I was about to ask for him…Uncle Ade said

“Don’t worry; Folahan is in the car outside. 

I told him we had to talk to you first and I will let him know when we need his attention”

I could tell Uncle Ade was already caught up…his facial expression gave him away although he tried to keep an unruffled composure. 

 Captain decided to bell the cat and that was how I found out that his departure after the reconciliation with Folahan was to go see Uncle Ade. They had just started building friendship following everything that had happened in Captain’s marriage. He could not think of anyone else wise enough to help with this, so he had to swallow his pride and came clean before his brother-in-law. 

 “The moment I saw you, I knew there was trouble

The corpse I thought I had buried secretly was about to be exhumed

My wife knew I had an affair and we already resolved that, it’s a chapter of our marriage that we already closed, locked up and threw away the keys.

 All I’ve ever wanted is to have my son back in my life…a relationship that was before now, barely existent and then this? It is definitely going to pull the plug on it.

For a moment, I wished I could die…it sounded like an easy solution

 I knew I had to do something and I had to do it fast. 

Then I thought of ‘Sir Ade’…so I called and told him my home was about to explode. He asked me to come over so we could talk about it.

I was still with him when they called to inform me that you left abruptly and without words…I didn’t want to go back home, my conscience could not take it.

It was Sir Ade that encouraged me and said we would find a way around this as long as we could find you.

 I know all the nice things Folahan told Kemi, my wife, about you…she was really looking forward to meeting you, bonding with you and becoming your mother-in-law.

 Folahan and I may not have been talking, but I get everything I need to know about him through my wife and I know he is crazy about you.

 Whatever broke our father-son relation is on me…he’s always been a good kid and I’m proud to have him as my son. I will make any sacrifice to have him in my life.

He almost lost it after you left…he cried, he prayed. I felt really bad; the fact that I somehow knew what was happening but couldn’t tell them made it even worse. 

I have ruined a lot of things in that family, that God is just helping to restore. I have put this family through a lot; my kids grew up without me…thank God for ‘Sir Ade’ that helped to fill the role. 

I am currently doing everything to make up for lost times…if this escalates; there’s no telling what could happen”

 Uncle Ade’s phone rang and it was Folahan, he wanted to know what was taking so long. He reiterated to him that he would tell him when to come inside.

“Trust me Folahan…everything will be alright” as he hung up

Captain continued

 “Lilian…sorry I meant Aramide” 

“It’s okay sir” I responded as I didn’t know what to say to that

“I have decided to be calling you whatever my son calls you.

I know exactly how you feel…I have an idea what’s going on in your mind and I get it…I do.

You don’t deserve this, not at all

You are a good girl, with morals

Back then, you couldn’t even call me by name out of respect.

You were straight but I wasn’t straight with you…I didn’t tell you everything you needed to know to make an informed decision; I held back information out of selfishness.

I lied to you when I was talking to my wife…when we started making reconciliation moves.

I wanted to continue the relationship by the side, I offered you money, I even offered you a car but you walked away from everything

I remember you told me to seek God and fix things between me and my wife. 

You have no idea what that last discussion with you did for me…it changed my life and my marriage”

 Captain went on and on but I didn’t seem to know where he was going with it, I had to ask

“What do you want from me sir?”

  That was when Uncle Ade chimed in


I need you to listen to me like you would listen to a father.

What I am about to tell you is what I would tell my biological daughter.

When people say “this is unheard of”, it’s just a way to scare those facing the predicament. My Bible says in Ecclesiastes chapter 1 verse 9, that there is nothing new under the sun.

 Festus may not be able to articulate what he wants but that’s why I am also here.

He understands what is at stake…he knows what you mean to his son and how the past is threatening that.

 When you guys came to my house yesterday morning I told you how God has used me and my wife to help build marriages and homes. I have seen many things, things worse than what we have here…and just so you know, many families out there have secrets. Things known only to a few of them; hidden from the world…simply to keep the family together.

I have seen people form bonds of secrecy, with God being the only witness, just to keep the family intact.

We all have things we have done in the past; nevertheless life has to go on. 

We may not be able to fix the past but we can redeem the future

The Bible says in Isaiah 43 verse 18 “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past…”You see, I may be an elderly Yoruba man but I am not a very cultural man. That’s because I am a new creation which means I live by a new set of rules, a new culture…a new tradition, God’s culture. 

I do what pleases God even if it clashes with local culture and tradition. I always try to know what God says about a thing and I choose that over everything else.”   

 I was standing all along but I had to go on my knees…they both wanted me to sit but I couldn’t. I begged them to let me stay that way. So Uncle Ade continued…

 “When Festus told me what happened, I was perplexed…the Yoruba man in me screamed ‘Taboo’ but I heard it clearly in my spirit and I know my Lord’s voice…Acts of Apostles Chapter 10 verse 15 “What God has cleansed, you do not call impure”. That word from the Lord settled it for me. 

 In case you haven’t known, Festus’ wife is my biological sister, same father and mother…so that should tell you this is not a game.

I have asked Festus what he wants to do…he said he would do anything to make Folahan happy. 

I then asked if it bothered him and he said he can live with it, as long as my sister never gets to hear of it.

I told you yesterday that I have accepted you into our family and no devil will unseat you, that was what the Spirit of God laid on my heart to say and nothing will change that.

I have been walking with the Lord for decades and I know that His ways are not our ways…when He looks foolish to us, He is still wiser than the wisest of men and He is always right even when we don’t seem to understand what He is doing.

As hard as this looks and sounds, it is dependent on two people…Festus and you. And like I asked him, I will ask you too…can we bury the past here today, with God as the Principal Witness, never to dig it up again…ever?”

 “What about Folahan sir?” I managed to say. How I still had tears to cry, I don’t know. I was a mess as my tears continued to flow. 

“Leave Folahan to me…God made him and knows how to handle him. After all, “The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the LORD; He guides it wherever He pleases”. He will not only give me the right words but will also confirm His words with Folahan.

I already committed his heart to God. That was my prayer all through our flight to Abuja. I intentionally chose to sit away from him and his dad so I could talk to my father”

I went from kneeling down to prostrating as I held Uncle Ade by the legs while sobbing…I was gasping from crying so hard. He leaned towards me, laid his right hand on my shoulder and started praying in the spirit. He later pulled me up and sat me on the chair.

 “But…could you please let me break it to him sir?” I asked with my hands together as a sign of plea

“Of course Aramide, go ahead and I’ll take it from there” Uncle Ade responded

“Thank you ‘Sir Ade’

I can’t believe we almost came without you…

I thought I could handle this on my own. Thanks for insisting on coming with us…I really appreciate you sir.

You are indeed a man of God and I want to know more about that God you serve. 

 So I had access to this much wisdom but chose to walk in foolishness and darkness all my life? 

My life would have been way better if I had seen and treated you as friend from the beginning.

“Until the scalp is rid of lice, there will be blood on the fingernails”. Sir Ade, I’m in your hands o…God will help you get through to Folahan as well” Captain said as he shook Uncle Ade’s hands. He turned to me and continued

 “Thank you Aramide…thank you for helping me keep my family. If God can turn this thing that was meant to scatter my family around I will definitely join you guys to serve this your God o”

Uncle Ade picked up his phone and called Folahan…it was as if the earth stood still.

Continues in the final episode. 
-Lanre Olagbaju

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