The Congruence… Episode 29

The Congruence XXIX

“So you are telling me the two of you have not done anything?

Guy wey fine like this? (Such a handsome guy)

Someone from America for that matter…the headquarters of freakiness

And you are sure everything is fine with him?”

Those were Deola’s words, my first weekend in the house. She had been pestering me for details about my relationship with Folahan. She wanted to know more than I was sharing

“I’m just looking out for you girlfriend

You know I always keep it real

I have seen things happen…I have seen it play out many times.

A friend of mine that was also doing this your Born Again thing in Camp; we later realized the so-called brother was sleeping with another willing sister in their fellowship. The other girl got pregnant and refused to abort it that was how the secret came out.

In the world we live in now, I doubt if anyone can be in a relationship without sex

People have ways around these things…

It’s been almost a year that you guys have been dating and nothing happened? You are both in the same City…distance is not an issue.

Abeg, he is either getting it somewhere else or can’t ‘get’ it’ at all?”

“Come on Deola

We are children of God…we are working on having a honorable marriage by keeping the bed undefiled

Folahan actually stated his stance on pre-marital sex before I could even say anything…which made it way easier for me.

And FYI, my Folahan is 100% man

I’ve slept at his place before and I’ve seen him early in the morning

As a matter of fact, that’s one of the reasons I am not living with him

So, the ‘doing’ is not the problem…we are simply being Christians.

As low as morals have sunk, there are still a few of us doing the right thing”

“If you say so o…

So what do you guys do for fun?” Deola asked again

 “Lots of things

Getting to know each other 

Planning for the future

Praying for the future

Building romance and friendship

Knitting God into our relationship

Serving God together

We even have plans and steps for what year we will retire” I responded


That’s different

I covet your kind of relationship o

But it will be hard sha…

No sex? Not even small sex? Nothing at all?I go need God for that one o (I’ll need God to do that)”

 “There will be sex, lots of sex…after the waiting period.

It will be meaningful, purposeful and based on love.

Nobody will feel used…instead; we will give ourselves to each other

We are learning to love God as individuals so we can love Him when we become one

We are building self-discipline; which is a vital constituent of trust in marriage.

Trust me Deola, it is worth the wait

You once showed me what you thought was best for me, but I found something better, allow me to show you the beauty of being in Christ.”

 I could see that I had aroused her curiosity by what I shared…I brought out my Bible and shared some more.  She couldn’t help but come with me to church the following day…in fact, she drove us to church and it was as if Pastor knew what we discussed all Saturday, his sermon was spot on. He talked about “Acknowledging God in all our ways”. In my mind I was like, “I hope Deola wouldn’t think I had discussed her with the pastor” and although she sat next to me, her attention was on the Pastor all through, she did not even turn around for once to look at me.

 Deola cried her way to the front during the altar call and surrendered her life to Christ. My joy knew no bounds as I reflected on how I met Deola and how we lived in school. That God could use me to bring her back to Himself amazed me…I could not be happier.

That was how Deola surrendered all to God…

I had to drive us home; she was just crying…she was so broken that she decided to give up her job because of how she got it. I understand the doctrine of restitution to an extent but I didn’t think that was the right thing for her to do and I didn’t want to involve Folahan in this because of how Deola’s story connected to mine, so I called our Pastor and he came over with his wife.

Thank God for matured Pastors…he listened on as Deola poured out her heart, sparing no details from her past. She even touched on some parts of my story as well.  When Pastor finally talked, he explained that since Deola qualified for and got the job with her University Degree, the person that connected her was inconsequential. Besides, it was God, working behind the scene, using the story of her life and the paths she walked to bring her to the current position. 

 He took us through the scriptures and explained Romans 8 verses 1 and 2

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death”

 It was refreshing even for me…it ended up being a time of worship and prayer as Deola started to thank God for His mercy and grace.

 Not long after this, I had a very scary dream.

 In the dream I saw a gift, beautifully wrapped with my name on it. I tried to pick it up but it was somehow glued to the floor. I tried very hard to pull it but it wouldn’t budge and I woke up.

Continues in episode 30
-Lanre Olagbaju

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