The Congruence XVIII

“Where’s my baby girl?” He said as he dropped his keys on the table

I had moved to the living room and was trying very hard to keep it together but he saw right through my pretense

“What wrong with you?”

I didn’t answer. I tried to but words just didn’t come out

It took many unanswered questions for him to figure it out.

“How did you know?

Who told you?”

“Does it really matter?” I responded

He got up and called for the maid but she had somehow disappeared.

I guess there was nothing to hide anymore, so he started to talk

“I never wanted you to know about this

I didn’t want you involved in any way

It’s my problem and I am dealing with it.

If it was going to affect you, I would have told you but I am a man and I am fixing it”

I had started crying again…he came close and wiped my tears.

“You don’t have to cry sweetheart

It’s nothing…believe me, it’s not even an issue

If I had a single doubt, I would tell you”

He went ahead and told me what was really happening…how his wife showed up unannounced and wanted to fix a marriage she had abandoned for years. 

How she got family members involved and was trying to use emotional blackmail and sentiments to force him to stay in the marriage.

How they already had several family meetings with elders from both sides and how his wife wouldn’t agree to a divorce.

“We are having another meeting tomorrow and I have decided to mention you and the baby. So they all know I already moved on.

I begged; I waited…she wouldn’t even talk to me

Where did this change of heart come from?

She tossed me out like garbage; someone else saw treasure in what she treated like trash…now she wants me back?”

Captain was making sense but I didn’t like what I got myself into…how old was I that my name was being mentioned in another person’s family issue and I was the reason there would not be reconciliation?

I can’t deny that I had fallen in love with Captain but was I ready to pay that much to be with him? Deola warned me to keep it on a business level but that wasn’t what captain wanted, I wasn’t even that kind of girl. I kept thinking of all the different possible outcomesCaptain had stepped away to get me something to eat when he found out I hadn’t eaten all day…the maid was still nowhere to be found.

The sound of the gates opening and a car coming through, juggled me back to reality. I could hear a female voice and the person seemed to be yelling.

Captain also heard it as he dashed out of the kitchen, looked through the window and dropped the plate he was holding.

“Oh my God! No No No No No” was all he said as he rushed out of the house

My heart was in my mouth…I didn’t need to be a genius to figure out what just happened.

Captain’s wife showed up…my nightmare was becoming my reality.

“Kemi, you can’t go inside” I heard Captain say

“This is my house too…we are still married. You are still my husband

I need to see the brat that wants to snatch my husband from me

I will fight her with every fiber of my being” the woman responded

It was obvious that Captain was restraining her with lots of physical strength 

“She met a dead buffalo by the swamp, and brought a knife to harvest the meat. Did the buffalo die from drinking the water?

She saw a successful man and decided to play a parasite. Did you fall from the sky? Was it not the support of one woman that made you what and who you are today?

I suffered with you Festus…

We built our lives from nothing…

You couldn’t even afford a decent mattress when we got married…I bought our first mattress by selling the necklace my grandmother bequeathed to me.

I’m not going to allow some cheap gold digger reap where she did not sow”

“But you chose to leave me and I had to move on” Captain interjected

“I’m sorry for leaving but I’m back now…I’m back to stay. 

I’m back to claim what’s rightfully mine and will bulldoze anything or anyone that wants to stand in my way.

There will be no divorce; only death will separate my husband and I…can you hear me? Ms. Domitilla (this was a derogatory name that suggested a prostitute back then. She was raising her voice some more, so I could hear her)

I’m sure you are hearing me…leave my husband aloneGo find someone your age and build a life with him

Go and help make somebody out of a nobody and let’s see how you would feel if a small girl, the age mate of your child, wants to snatch him from you”. 

I just sat there like a lifeless stuffed animal

Only God knows what the woman would have done to me if she was able to force her way through. 

Captain finally got her to leave by threatening to have the soldiers throw her out. He made sure she left and the gates were shut. I could hear him instructing the soldier by the gate not to open it to anybody.

“I’m so sorry you had to see that…I’m really sorry”

Those were the words that made me realize I was bleeding and in so much pain

Continues in episode 19
-Lanre Olagbaju

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