The Congruence XVII

I tried hard to dismiss what the maid said but it kept ringing in my head. I almost shared it with Deola but I did not have enough details so I kept it to myself. I couldn’t wait for Friday to come; I had made up my mind to go even if Captain cancelled on me. I wrote my first examination on that day and I definitely could have done better if I wasn’t so distracted.

I already packed a bag and as soon as I got out of the exam hall, I drove straight to Captain’s house…he called a couple of times, on my way there, but I intentionally missed the calls. I didn’t want him to stop me from coming. He wasn’t home when I got there, neither was the maid. So I had to return his call…he was calling to let me know he would be coming home a little late and if I wanted to wait, I could study in his library/study…he had cleared a spot for me with a reading lamp.

The maid later returned from the market…I spent the whole evening in the kitchen with her. I thought she would just spill what she was about to tell me but she didn’t talk. I could tell she was tensed by my presence so I decided to take the bull by the horns 

“So what’s the thing you wanted to tell me?”

“Ah…auntie” she whispered. She sounded like I had placed on her head, a burden too heavy for her to carry. She tiptoed to the door to check if anyone was there

“I’m really scared. 

I don’t want to get in trouble oThere is no way Oga will not suspect me if I tell you

He already warned all of us and the soldier that brought me to your school last week is already suspecting me. He kept asking what I was discussing with you and threatened to report me”

She wasn’t helping me in anyway, she was actually adding to the suspense and I was beginning to fear.

Not sure why, but I went on my knees and begged her not to leave me in the dark. She could be the maid alright but she’s definitely as old as my elder sister…if not older. I threw in my being an orphan and how I needed to know whatever was happening, because I had decisions pending that could make or mar my future.

“No ma…please don’t do this to me…

You are still my madam in this house” she said as she pulled me up.

“It’s not like anything has happened but…” she went quiet again. I could tell she was struggling within herself whether to tell me or not.

She noticed that I had tears on my face; she took another quick scan to see if anyone was around and said

“Oga’s wife is back…she’s been back for about 3 weeks now.

She is at the main house

Oga has been very sad since she returned

That’s why he’s been keeping you away so you don’t get caught in what’s happening”

I’m sure she said some other things but I was figuratively paralyzed for about a minute or so…none of my traditional five senses worked during that period. It was as if a sharp object pierced through me. I felt faint and quickly had to sit

“Mo ti dá ràn (I’m in trouble), I’ve said too much” the maid soliloquized as she ran to get me some water.

She kept begging me to keep it together and wait to hear what Captain had to say before reacting. She said she had worked with Captain for close to 10 years and knew everything he had been through, how much joy I had brought into his life and how all the domestic staff were rooting for me

“If Oga (my boss) should come now and he sees you in this mood, he will suspect that you have found out and that’s the end of my job”

—————————————————————————————————————“Has she come here?” I asked…I just blurted out the words; I wasn’t even sure why I did.

The maid was quiet

I asked again…so she answered

“Yes ma, but she did not enter the house.

It was last week Tuesday; in the evening 

She came with Oga but stayed in the car

As soon as Oga went inside, she started yelling at those of us that had come to greet her…like she used toShe even called me a traitor and promised to deal with all of us when the time is right”

Thoughts flooded my mind; I started to shiver like I had a fever

“Thanks a lot but I really need to lie down” I said as I scurried to the room. Everything was wrong with me at the same time…I was burning and freezing simultaneously

The maid asked if I needed anything, I told her not to worry…obviously, she regretted telling me.

I tried calling Deola but couldn’t reach her…I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t even study. I just wanted Captain to come so I could know how deep a mess I was in.

I neither ate nor drank; I didn’t even turn on the light in the room. At a point, I wanted to leave because of the fear of Captain’s wife showing up but then, Captain knew I was around and that gave a glimmer of hope that he would forestall such. 

The maid kept checking on me like every 15 minutes, she would peep in the room, sigh and leave.

Captain returned around 9pm…I heard his car come through the gates and the soldiers welcoming him.

Continues in episode 18
-Lanre Olagbaju

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