– No Bible reading first then No Browsing into internet
– No Scripture reading at night then no Sleeping
– No prayer daily then no pinging, picnic or phone calling.
– No evangelism then no entertainment

_*The Three Hardest thing to do by believers but in them lie mysterious Power*_
– Fasting
– Giving

*_First Signs to know you are becoming lukewarm or backsliding_*
– Loss of appetite for prayers
– love of spending time with phones, friends and self.
– loss of interest for Bible reading
– skipping of personal fellowshipping with God
– Subtle admiring of worldliness in the heart
– missing of church activities without guilt
– Quiet disobedience to the Spirit leading.
– Finding finding interest in things once forsaken before God.
– Love to sleep more in expense of having time with God
– loving canal movies and videos including comedy
– Accommodating sinful friends with their conversations and temptations.

*__The Three Parts of the Body you must Discipline if you must burn for God and make Heaven__*
* Your tongue (against evil speaking, canal jesting, unholy conversations).
* Your Reproductive organ (against premarital sexual relationship or post marital sexual relationship, masturbation etc)
* Your eyes (against every evil appearance)

*_Three Mistake you Must Never Make in Life_*
– Don’t mistake dying on earth without Christ in you and you in Christ.
– Don’t mistake in marrying the wrong person .
– Don’t mistake in covering up sins.

*_Facts you must know if you must last in the Christian Faith__*
– Your personal fellowshipping with God must come first before family altar, and then before church fellowship.
– You must rate personal discipline high in your life if you must scale high in the Spirit.
– You must deliberately cut off anyone hindering you of spiritual growth in Christ, and cut off every source of temptations.
– You must never miss a day without deep Bible studying and prayers.
– You must never smile before tempters, but rather rebuke them sharply.
– you must make no friendship with compromisers, unbelievers, and backsliders, love them but flock not with them.
– you must determine to remain pure and holy, then pray and practice towards attaining it.

*__Three Services for God you must no joke with more_*
– Giving to the poor, fatherless and widows in the land
– Evangelising of the unsaved world
– Giving to sponsor kingdom project

*_Eight Costly Assumption you must avoid as a true Christian_*
– Don’t love your self, wife, job, career, sleep, money above God and still think your name is in the book of life.
– Don’t think your title in the church will give you place in the kingdom of God. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.
– Don’t mindset your years in Christ will bring automatic visa to heaven, except you are born again and remain holy you won’t see God.
– Don’t think your intelligence in covering up that sin and feeling heading in making restitution towards your boss, spouse, friends, parents etc, will make God to change His standard.
– Don’t conclude that performing miracle, prophesying, speaking in tongues are proof of heavenly acceptance, except ye do the will of God He knows you not.
– Don’t assume closeness with reputable men of God to mean closeness with God. It is costly.
– Don’t accept that your tithes and offering will open Heaven for you to enter. This is deception.
– Don’t feel OK that after involving in sexual uncleanness you will remain the same. Every sexual Immoral involvement bring a man or a woman to a piece of bread, it takes divine grace and seeking of God to recover to the former state and condition before the fall.

If you want to scale high with God, consider all these and make every crooked way straight_


©Brother Peterson Abu

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