Being smart is a feeling of ‘knowing it all’ or knowing how easily one can manouvre his way based on his intelligence,self reliance, experience or expertise. Being able to perform a duty well without relying on a supervisor or guidance.
Brokenness on the other hand is a feeling of being completely humbled, subdued and seeing oneself as not having the necessary intelligence or skill for a task but with a total reliance and dependency on the master for proper tutorship, mentorship, guidance and instructions in ensuring that the best outcome/result is achieved.
In as much that GOD wrought divers works among us through HIS chosen vessels, HE doesn’t need ‘smart’ vessels who see themselves as being qualified because their qualifications but vessels who see the inadequacy in them but trust GOD and humble enough to rely on HIM to make HIS strength perfect in their weakness.(2Corinthians 12:9)
They see themselves as not having the strength of their own but their sufficiency is solely in GOD.
No wonder despite all the works and exploits done by GOD through apostle Paul,he exclaimed that he was not competent in himself to claim anything for himself, but his competence comes from GOD.(2Corinthians 3:5 NLT).
Despite being mightily used by GOD during his time, prophet Isaiah was priviledged to see a vision of the LORD on HIS throne which served as an x-ray to his own life, which made him to discover and admit he was ‘undone’ and of an unclean lips.
No wonder GOD touched his lips and took away his iniquity. He was then able to yield himself and GOD found him qualified for the task GOD needed a broken vessel for!(Isaiah 6:1-12).
*God does not need someone who feels he is eloquent, no wonder HE chose MOSES(A stammerer) to bring out the Israelites from Egypt.
*GOD doesn’t need someone who boasts so much about his famous, wealthy and influential background, perhaps the reason why HE chose Gideon(Who was the least in his father’s house from a poor family) to deliver the Israelites from their seven-year bondage in the hands of the Midianites.
*God doesn’t need to wait for a man who feels he is ‘already made’ with all the skills and experience, otherwise HE Wouldn’t have commisioned Jeremiah from the womb as a battle axe in HIS hand.
*God doesn’t need the handsomeness/height of a man for HIS use, otherwise HE Wouldn’t have chosen DAVID(A bush boy) to replace King Saul.
*God doesn’t need a man who feels too knowledgeable about the scripture and understands all the methodology of church administration without taking to instructions from GOD, otherwise HE Wouldn’t have got need to choose Samuel to replace,prophet Eli.
*GOD doesn’t need a man who demonstrates self-righteousness, otherwise HE Wouldn’t have chosen prophet Isaiah.
*GOD doesn’t need a man who always tries to be logical with a doubtul mind, no wonder HE chose Abraham.
*GOD doesn’t need someone who tries to argue with HIM about what HE is capable of doing despite not being heard off in human, history no wonder HE chose ‘virgin Mary’ who yielded herself for the birth of our LORD Jesus Christ with a response: BE IT UNTO ME ACCORDING TO YOUR WORD(Luke 1:38).

How do you see yourself before GOD?
Are you feeling smart or really broken before Him?
A man who is ready to go far with GOD must continue to get broken before HIM for HE resists the proud but gives grace to the humble!
-Solomon Omitogun

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