Sexual Emotion, Why Me?



“Arrrhh?” Sandra shouted (sobbing). “Me, pregnant?” (gazing at the medical test result). “Where can I go now? Who’ll understand it all? How can I explain to them? Oh! After all, it was my fault by visiting him at the first place. Ah! God please have mercy on me and take this away from my womb” (rolling on the ground and pressing her tommy).

Sandra was the only daughter of her parent, whose father is a pastor of a reputable Bible believing Church. She was raised up in the fear of God and at her 12th birthday she encountered Jesus and gave her life unreservedly to Him.

After her salvation, she developed a great passion for winning souls for the Lord and through her Christian living many has come to know the Lord.

However, it all happened at her age 18, during her second semester 100 level in the University of Calabar, Calabar, that Phil who was her course mate developed an interest on her, but at first couldn’t approach her because he not needing a prophet to tell him that she won’t agree to have sexual intimacy with him, for they knew her in her department as an unbending Christian.

Phil who was adamant to get his yearning on her, started attending her fellowship with the subtle intent of getting her. Sandra who was ignorant of the crafty intention of Phil later fall his victim through a brotherly-course mate together study.

That Saturday afternoon, Sandra decided to visit Phil, as to solve the statistics assignment given to them together with him. On seeing her, Phil rejoiced within himself that finally he’ll get his aspiration, either by agreement or by force.

While they were solving the statistical analysis, Phil who was sitting opposite Sandra rose and went to sit beside her. Uncomfortably, Sandra shifted from him. Few minutes later, Phil tried to cuddle her, but she resisted him and angrily shunned him. She quoted some scriptural passages that spoke against what he was trying to do, but Phil gazing at her kept on smiling.

When she saw that Phil wasn’t ready to adhere, she decided to leave, but on seeing that, Phil ran before her and lock the door.

Before she could shout, he used a cloth to cover her mouth and she tried to resist, but was overpowered and he raped her.

After the incident, Sandra went back to her lodge sorrowfully weeping. Having thought about it, she decided to conceal the matter. Some weeks later, she began to notice some abnormalities in her health and decided to go for medical test at the UCTH, which was where they carried out some tests and confirmed that she’s pregnant.

On seeing the result, Sandra fainted, however, the nurses around attended to her until she regained consciousness and was allowed to leave the next morning.

“Ummmhm! Ummmhm!” Sandra continued to sob. “I don’t want anyone to know about this, neither do I want to keep it”, she continued. “Lord, you saw it all and you didn’t bother to deliver me then and now here’s the result (raising the paper up). Anyway, please I’m asking for mercy in advance because I’m going to abort this. I don’t have any other option than abortion, because keeping it will number 1: cause people blaspheme your name through me, even if they know it was through rape, 2: it’ll mar my future and 3: what about my parent and the Church. Only show me Your mercy Father in Heaven (weeping).”

“Oh! Is it me that’s saying this? No no no! I don’t want to be a murderer… Arrh! Why meeee? (Crying out loud now. Hearing Sandra’s cry, Cynthia her neighbour ran into her room to know why she was crying).

Let me stop the story here (NB: It’s a fiction).
Christian living is not a life that should only be dependent on “prayer” alone, but it also calls for “watching”. Thus, the emphasis of Christ in the last verses of Mark Gospel chapter 13.

Deciding to follow Jesus also means deciding to raise a war against flesh and blood, principalities and power, devil and his cohorts. The devil can do any possible thing to disgrace you, hence, you need to watch and be vigilant.

Not everybody who claim to be Christian are Christian, for they all are not of Israel that are in Israel. You’re to watch against them.

Even that strong spiritual brother/sister can be used of the devil when there’s any loophole in his/her life to deter you life. Hence, watch!

In the story above, Sandra missed it when she felt that she was dealing with her brother in the Lord. Thus, she was raped in the name the sister who did not watch in the Lord.

However, in the above story, what if Phil was a saved Christian, don’t you still think that some vibration can take place in his sexual emotion while lonely with a sister?

Let’s get it clear! You sexual emotion is never born again, though you’re a Born again Child of God. As a Christian, all you need is mastery over it and avoid situations that can arouse it. Therefore, loneliness with an opposite gender, whether you’re learning, praying or preaching together, is a highway to loose your sexual morality stamina.

Don’t think that you’re too spiritual and he’s too spiritual, that nothing will happen. Of course nothing may happen, but there can be a ripple which can lead to lust. Hence, watch!

Also, in the story above, after the deed has been done, Sandra decided to conceal the matter and that was another place she missed it. Why concealing it?

Again, she wanted to resort to abortion and that’s another place she would’ve missed it again. The more you conceal evil or sin, the more you’ll conceive more evil or sin.

Don’t abort the child! Sin only begets sin and will finally lead to death. Keep the pregnancy! Seek for the mercy of God and expose that wrong doing so that it can lose it’s grip on you. Then, go and sin no more!

“And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch”

-Erujeje christian Drama Ministy

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