Saturday night a Fornicator, Sunday Morning a Chorister…

By Oke Oghenetegar


Aaaaah this will be too hard for many to bear but it is the sad truth. I speak about most of the choristers in the church. I speak about the godlessness of many of our choristers. There are so many unbelievers posing as choristers. So many non born again choristers pretending to be saints with their sonorous voice while on the altar singing. Many choristers see their membership of the choir as an avenue to showcase their singing talent and not to bless life or minister to souls. To them singing in the choir is for their personal benefit and not for ministering to the lives of others.

They came to join the choir,with the sole aim of getting a boy friend/husband or a girl friend/wife and not for the reason of impacting lives because they are not genuinely saved.
This is the very reasons you find many absurdities taking place amongst the choir. If I can remember clearly,I once attended a church many years ago,on a Sunday morning and they where two or three members of the choir ministering. I can’t remember exactly what happened but I guess the choir mistress was not singing properly and the pastor had to openly tell her to stop singing. The pastor was a prophet and he openly said in the church that the choir ministries came directly from the boyfriend’s house that Sunday. She slept in the boyfriend’s house all through out the night and in the morning on Sunday she came and started leading praises in church. On Saturday night she was a fornicator but on Sunday morning she was now an angel of light,singing praises to God like someone who really knows the God she is singing about. A fornicator in the night but a saint in the morning,quite pathetic. So the pastor sent her out of the choristers stand and the pastor began to lead praises himself,if I also can remember clearly.
In another instance,a keyboardist in a church was told to stop playing the keyboard during praise or worship,I guess on a Sunday morning also. And after service the brother went to ask the guest pastor why he ordered for him not to play the keyboard and the pastor told him that all throughout the night,the brother was committing fornication or adultery(can’t remember clearly) with a woman and that God revealed it to him. So that was how his sin was uncovered.
This is the lot of many choristers in church nowadays. Abiiiii choristers can you deny that what am saying is a lie. If you have had the opportunity to join some of this choristers during their practice and know them one on one,you would be so amaze that many of them are not born again. During their practice,they can be so saucy. Jealousy and envy exist amongst them when they see that someone else sings better than them,they begin to envy him/her. Many of them don’t know God at all. They are not bornnnnn,talk less of been born again.That is the very reason why you see many female choristers,when they come to minister,they will dress like they are contesting in American or Nigerian idol with all sorts of ungodliness exuding out of their dressing. They always want their breast and thighs to be open whether they are sitting or they are standing. Always on short skirt above the knee. You maybe tempted to think that cloths material are in short supply in the market hence they had to manage the little material they have to sow that skirt but that is not the case. They are simply worldly in their dressing. Even when they put on long skirt or gown,they will still have to slit it up to their thighs. Left to them their thighs is their most seductive asset hence they can not afford to cover it.
It is no longer news that most of the renowned worldly musical stars whether in Nigeria or in the west where once choristers. In fact in the past years in some of the musical talent hunts ,you will find out that some of the contestant where actually choristers in church. The reason why they could easily blend into worldly songs and contest in those demonic musical talent hunt is because they where not genuinely born again.
Some choir masters are busy having sex with members of their choir and they think God is not seeing them,hmmm,you are joking with fiiire. If a sister does not sleep with them,she will not be allowed to lead praise or worship. Opposite sex in the choir are busy having sexual affair with one another,yet they boldly climb the alter of God to sing. If you are a chorister doing all this nonsense,I really pity you because your cup will soon be full. You will regret the day you joined the choir to defile it, when God starts dealing with you here on earth or when you eventually end in hell.
Many pastor know that their choristers are not genuinely born again and they are just managing them because they feel that their services to the church is very essential during church meetings hence they had to allow them remain in the choir but God detest such. They must be removed from amongst the genuine ones. In fact all the choir members are dirty then they all should be sacked. It is better not have a choir band at alll than to have a bunch of prostititutes,lesbians,fornicators,adulterers or cultist as choir leading praise in the church because they will do the church more harm than good.
If they are not ready to serve God in holiness then they should please be shown the way out of the choir. If it where to be in the days of law during the mosaic regime many of you choristers would be receiving instant judgement while you are climbing the altar. Many of you choristers would be dropping dead on the altar because the altar of God is very sacred and any unholy thing that climbs it receives instant condemnation. Many of you would be receiving strange slaps on your face right there on the alter but grace of God is just speaking for you but it will expire someday.
Choristers let this be known to you. You are equally a minister like the pastor. You are equally a role model as a the pastor. You are equally preacher like the pastor. The pastor preaches in words while you preach in songs. So whatsoever you do as a chorister should glorify God whether in church or outside the church. God demands absolute holiness from you,just the way he does from every pastor. So don’t take lightly your work as a chorister. God will hold you responsible for how you lived your life and how you use your talent. You must stop been a hypocrite. Despite all the years you have been singing in the church,if you die in your sins,you are going straight to hell except you repent. In fact all your work in the church as a choir all this years as a sinner is equal to zero in heaven. You are merely just wasting your time as a chorister except you repent from your sin now because hell can’t just wait for you to die in your sin. Hell will teach you a lesson you will never forget throughout your eternity.
If you like you abuse me. If you like you hate me for telling you the truth but I will still love you well enough to tell you the truth,anytime any day. I mean well for you.
You can’t live a corruptible life outside the church and come to the church on a Sunday to pretend to be a saint. You are a problem to the church. You are part of those Satan is using to weaken the church. Except you repent,God will certainly pour his wrath on you someday. You will drink from his anger and you will hate yourself for all the evil you did against God and his church. So if you love yourself,do the needful now.
As for you evil choir master/sexual pervert,your cane is in God’s hands. You are changing girls like wrapper in the choir. Sleeping with all the sisters in the choir. Very soon in hell,that your manhood between your legs will be sliced by demons with sword and cutlass like suya. They will pour liquid fire on your head then you will understand the depth of evil,that you have done to God and his church. I urge you very strongly to repent because great suffering awaits you in the after life. No time to waste,repent now.




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