Preparation for Destiny…

-Olorunishola Oladimeji Shallom



For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

……..; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness…..…. Heb 12:6 &10


Character prepares you for destiny. Only character sustains you in your path. Character is the antidote to all destiny wasters and killers. Gifts may open doors for you but it takes character to keep you in the room. Beauty or good looks can fetch you a man or woman but it takes character to hold them.


Character is a must for you if you are to carry and keep your God given destiny and that is why God never excuses character flaws in those He loves. He will scourge, purge and chastise….to reproduce Himself in us.


Character is what you are in secret when no one is looking . It is not so much about how you act but how you react to situations, things and people.

It is what you accommodate, tolerate and do under pressure.

Job, Joseph, David are all examples of integrity of character or godliness. Job wouldn’t curse God under severe undeserving pain and affliction; Joseph refused to yield to pressure to fornicate with his boss’s wife; David refused to strike the Lord’s anointed in the face of glaring opportunity to get rid of his sworn enemy and put an end to his affliction.

How do you respond when you’re owed money or things are not going well?, when that unbeliever cuts off on the road?, when “they” insult, oppose, attack and persecute you unjustly? Are you capable of saying “….Father forgive them still…”?


God does not put up with character flaws neither will He promote you to the next level until you have passed your character examinations. Joseph had to pass from one examination to the other in order to prepare him for the palace assignment.


Beloved, you shall not stagnate and you shall not spend 40 years on what should ordinarily take you 11 days to accomplish in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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