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People Will Believe You When They See Results. -True Life Story

-Nwokocha Tochukwu

Nobody Argues With Results…


You may have heard of the Imafidon family in the Uk. The Imafidons are Nigerians based in the Uk. The children have broken records in academic excellence, acing A-level examinations at the ages of 8 and 9. Their father, Dr. Chris Imafidon, today runs a supplementary school in the Uk that is attended by both Christians and Muslims. He has once turned down an invitation by Oprah Winfrey simply because the premise of the discussion she wanted to have with him was wrong. She thinks that the brilliance of the Imafidons has something to do with their genes. This is contrary to the fundamental belief of Dr. Chris, who says that everyone, made by God, is a genius.


What is important here is that the major textbook used in this supplementary school, which Dr. Chris Imafidon calls, ‘comprehension text’, is the Bible, specifically the book of Proverbs. He coached an Imam’s son and he got a 150,000-pound scholarship. The next thing was that the entire members of this Imam’s mosque demanded that Dr. Chris comes to the Mosque to talk to them. Dr. Chris went there and preached from the book of Daniel and made an altar call for people to surrender their hearts to Jesus and it was a long queue. Right inside a mosque.


Friends, what this world is after are results. Nothing more, nothing less. If you become the best doctor, people of every religion will look for you and when you present Jesus to them, they will not argue. This is the only way to present the gospel to our very complicated world. The unbelievers of today are sophisticated and you cannot use mere arguments to win them. We must do what they are unable to do.


Written by: Nkwocha Tochukwu.

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Awesome site, how do u find all this information?I’ve read through a few posts on your website and I really enjoy your style. Thanks a million, keep up the good work.


Awesome! This is by far the most helpful thing on the topic I’ve ever read. Thanks for your hard work.

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