God has continued to use Pastor Adeboye to perform several miracles across the world – healing of all manner of diseases, replacement of body organs, breakthroughs, etc. The book, “Stories of Pastor E.A. Adeboye” contains many of such miracles.

The anointing on him has become so strong that even oil and handkerchiefs he has blessed have been used to raise the dead.

For a man who is able to communicate regularly with God, Pastor Adebo‎ye’s sermons are usually punctuated with ”Words of Knowledge” he shares with the congregation. And everybody goes quiet with anticipation once he gives an alert, “Daddy (God) says…..”

Some of the prophecies sound unbelievable but the rate of accuracy has not been faulted. In Ibadan, the woman who had feathers growing in her armpit, instead of hair, came out for deliverance and the feathers promptly disappeared.

In Lagos, as in other venues, women who had no wombs or fallopian tubes have been blessed with kids and testified the miracles with their babies.

Even prophecies some people find funny are announced once the “Word of Knowledge” comes. One of such cases was the healing of a woman with burning sensation in her private parts. As usual, when the prophecy alert came the congregation was eager for it, but when he said God has healed a woman with burning sensation in her private part, the Arena went quiet.

Pastor Adeboye noticed that so he said, “Well whether you believe that or not, we will see.”

Two services later, an elegant middle-aged lady in a flowing gown, testified from the fearsome altar that the prophecy was meant for her and she had been truly healed. A similar testimony was given by another lady months later.

Church growth

The phenomenal growth of‎ the church is also a reason why Pastor Adeboye is highly respected. It takes the blessing of God for a church that had only 40 parishes to have several thousands of them in Nigeria, with visible presence in 198 countries.

The growth of the church is a prophecy foretold, but it still pleasantly surprises some of the members who have grown with it. And the choice of Pastor Adeboye to succeed the founder is said to be a key success factor.

Pastor J.H. Abiona, the 93-year-old Retired Deputy General Overseer of the church, who was appointed acting General Superintendent after the death of the founder to handle the transition, had to weather a storm generated by people who were eager to lead the church, despite God’s plan, which had earlier been made known to them.

Respected for his humility, righteousness and commitment to God, Pastor Abiona is known as one of the very few people to pray for Pastor Adeboye and his wife during church programmes.

He said to a magazine of the church: “I thank God that we insisted on doing God’s will and today everyone can see that the successor was God’s choice.”

Obviously, God walks and works through people who walk diligently with Him. “God himself must have been happy to choose Pastor Adeboye because of his holiness and obedience to Him.

“There is nothing we have done as a church, including the choice of the Redemption Camp, without him following God’s direction; and I am sure that is what he does in his private life,” says an old member of the church, who adds, “He is extremely humble, hardworking, honest, and hates laziness.”

More spiritual than human?

From all that, many people find multiple reasons to believe that Pastor Adeboye is now more of a spirit than a human being. “Living with that man will be a nightmare because he will know everything you do,” a young man in Lagos cracked recently.

Pastor Adeboye has heard what people say about his spirituality himself, and has reacted this way: “Someone once said that the reason why God is using Pastor Adeboye is because of his name “Enoch’”, referring to how God related with Enoch in the Bible. (The Bible says that Enoch lived 365 years before he was taken by God, which some Christians interpret as Enoch entering heaven alive.)

“He doesn’t eat. Have you ever seen him eat the pounded yam he talks so much about?” the person argued.

“When I heard that,” said Adeboye, “I laughed. You think I don’t eat? Invite me to your house, prepare some good pounded yam; get a very good combination of okro, make sure there is plenty of bush meat and chicken and fish and turkey. You won’t have to go to any church before you see the glory of God. Right there in your dining room, a mountain will become a valley.”

‎Of course, evidence of his human nature is strewn all over the place. His birthplace in Ifewara, schools he attended, etc., are still there, so are many of his friends and associates.

His son, Dare Adeboye, who doubles as his personal assistant, was told by a newspaper how people believe that everything about Pastor Adeboye is spiritual, and was asked to give an insight into the non-spiritual aspect of his life.

He said: “My father likes to fish, so every single house that we’ve had on the camp has a fish pond behind it. It is very relaxing. He likes to go for walks. He likes train rides; thank God the railways are being developed back in Nigeria. But any time we are outside Nigeria, he prefers to go by train to most places, because you get to see the countryside and have a different view of life than just being in the car all the time. And we watch movies, but not corrupt ones. We watch Mount Zion movies too, but not necessarily hundred per cent Christian movies all the time, because we would be caging ourselves, and would not be engaging in the reality of what other people are experiencing.”

Pastor Adeboye can never be caught ascribing achievements of the church or his personal achievements onto himself. He says that without God he is nothing.

At the book launch last year, he said: “I cannot say I have any ability or wisdom. Everything has been the Lord Himself. When I was about 40 and spotted grey hairs on my head, I wondered why and God said I was carrying a burden that was not mine.

“God said, ‘I am just using you as camouflage. People need to see someone. So, I am putting you forward so that I can do the work from behind.’ So, everything that is happening in RCCG, nothing is of Adeboye at all; it is all about God. So, how do you say you are writing a book about somebody that is nothing; someone who has almost zero beginning, from a poor family and who passed through secondary school by God’s grace?”

It is said that, indeed, “most things he does and his travels are dictated by God and he has little time or schedules of his own.”
(c) Adeola Adubi


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