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Negative Influence of Nollywood Movies on Christian Homes.



By Akala Samuel



Christian family is expected to be a role model for the world to imitate, but unfortunately sin has taken a centre stage in most families today. The ungodly situations in most of our families call for urgent intervention. Many Christian homes have been invaded with all kinds of ungodliness and promiscuity. What caused the deteriorating state of most families today is the resultant effect of  unproductive and unprofitable movies we watch via cable in our homes. The future of the Church is in jeopardy if our pastors do not come openly to the podium to condemn some movies that corrupt the heart of our succulent teenagers.

The exigency of repentance for those who are victims of this pollution cannot be undermined.

We need to Repent from watching some Nigeria Nollywood movies because of their ungodly impact in our lives and that of our children. You will not know the negative influence of such movies until you start reaping the bitter consequences of unrestrained children.

Little wonder,you will see your children:

*Shooting toy gun.

*Playing karate


Dancing acrobatic.

*Learning how to smoke with paper and grass

*Speaking prurient languages

*Tattooing their body.


Our girls can now;

Fix artificial nails and weavon.

Paint their body like Jezebel.

Wear body shaped trousers.


Dear Parents/guardians,

You see your daughter dressed almost naked with trouser and sleeveless clothe and You cannot talk! What a painful indifferent, what an odium, what an opprobrium!!!

Why do you choose to remain reticent, cotisent and unforthcoming when you ought to speak, rebuke, chastise and correct? This is satonic, malevolent, contumelious and exasperating. If you prefer to remain close mouthed when your family is impoverished with all kinds of ungodliness and worldly lust God will hold you accountable. I therefore advised you to go to any Mount Zion Movie shop and get video and watch it with your entire family………



1) Comedies promote the tendency to: Laugh at other people’s misfortunes and

therefore make people less compassionate

laugh about other people’s flaws for fun and mock them, making people’s hearts less

considerate laugh at sins and therefore make sin look less serious, causing people to feel less guilty about it and so more comfortable with sinning.

2) Soaps and romantic films: Cause people to acquire a tendency to glorify and lust at the human body, therefore promoting immorality, promiscuity and relationships based on outward looks and lust rather than true

character justify and promote the idea that there are

good reasons for adultery, divorce, revenge,unforgiveness, sex outside marriage, etc, therefore inspiring people to do the same.

3) West African movies:

Promote witchcraft as a solution to problems,

causing people to be drawn to it and yet it is of the devil and against God’s ways

4) Action movies:

Cause people to acquire a sense of vengeance/ revenge and murderous feelings towards enemies, therefore eroding the spirit of forgiveness

Portray murder as justice whereas it is a sin Promote promiscuity (having many women) as a sign of real manhood, yet it is immorality and a sin.

5) Music videos:

Promote immoral dressing that provokes lust in men and women, therefore creating a tendency to dress that way and so promoting lust and immorality in our daily lives ,Promote the glorification of things such as cars, big houses, etc. as showcased by the ‘celebrities’ promote an immoral lifestyle of drinking,

drugs, sleeping around etc. as paraded by the

‘celebrities’ promote abusive language causing people to get used to it and so to using it themselves.

A person who is led by The Holy Spirit and truly honors God cannot enjoy watching such things. How can you sit in front of people who don’t believe in God and watch their foolishness? We have brought strangers to teach us in our homes, in our phones, PCs etc [Psalms 101:3;I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes, l hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.


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