Nobody goes too soon. Nobody dies too early. I am sure you have seen at least one Obituary poster with the title “Gone too soon” because the man or woman whose picture appears on it, died young.

Of course, we do not like it when people die young but it does happen, and that frequently.

Even babies die!

People do not always die old. This is painful but it is a reality. And you cannot serve God a query. Unsearchable are His ways. Glory be to Him.

But the longevity of life is not as important as the quality of it.

Methuselah lived for 969 years. But the Bible has no record of anything spectacular he did or any landmark achievements he made.
All we know about him was that he grew up, got married, had children and died.

Enoch lived a far shorter life than Methuselah. But the Bible records that he walked with God.

Would you prefer a long life where you pass through like a bird which leads no trace of its movement in the air?

Or do you want a quality life where you leave marks on the sand of time?

Friend, while you still have the grace to breathe:-

Make an impact on people’s lives

Put smiles on people’s faces and laughter on their lips.

Make a mark in your world

Above all, live to please God.

Nobody goes too soon.

-By Bro. Paul Dada

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