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Although the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria may not honour him, but Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, the father of pentecostalism in Nigeria will continue to be in the minds of people, not only in Nigeria but across the globe.

Apostle Babalola didn’t write a single book while on earth, but so many books have been written about him. He didn’t attend any university, but the first entrepreneurial university in Nigeria, Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) was named after him. There was no internet or google during his time, but google is jampacked with write-ups about him.

No wonder a veteran Journalist who work for The Nation Newspaper, Akinola Ajibade wrote: “About a year ago, I took to this platform to appreciate your contributions to the Christendom, by stating the exploits you did, through God during your brief, but eventual stay on earth. You died in the evening of Sunday, July 27th, 1959, in Ede, Osun state. The angels heralded your coming, as you breathe your last. However, a lot has happened since your demise.”

“Many men of God( genuine and fake) have come on stage after you left to be with the Lord, 58 years ago.”

“Prophets, Pastors, Bishops, Evangelists and others, have come and gone. To God be the glory, the Christ Apostolic Church(CAC), which you assisted in establishing and nurturing to fruition is waxing stronger, despite its challenges. It is a fact the CAC is identified with the raw power of God among the Independent African Churches today. This, no doubt, was a product of your perseverance, commitment, holiness and prayer to God.”

“In one of your prayer sessions in the forest, you fasted and prayed for days that God should raise more prophets for His church.”

“Dear Apostle, it is a testimony today, that many genuine prophets have sprang and more are still coming up in CAC. Not only that, gifts of holy spirit abound, as God continue to release His gifts on past, present and future ministers in the church. Often times, many ministers who have left the church for their own ministries or still in the church and key into the covenant of God upon CAC and His servant, Babalola, do boast of the raw power of God and authority. Unknown to them, they are enjoying the mercy, hard work and covenants , which God has with one of His Generals, Babalola. Who told you that Covenant is not contagious. Read Genesis 12, 13- 16.”

“The I am, I am, the one who was yesterday, the one today and the one that would be forever, has answered the voice of the Great Apostle. Revelation 1: 8.”

“It is worthy of note that there are fake pastors, bishops,and prophets today. They are in the mould of Simon, the sorcerer. Acts 8: 9, there was a certain man, who aforementioned used sorcery and bewitched people in Samaria, telling them the he was great.”

“Holiness, Prayer and Fasting, which you and your contemporaries such the Late Olubadan of Ibadan ( Pastor Akinyele), Prophet David Olulana Babajide, Orimolade and others, embraced, is fast disappearing. Money! Money! Money! is the in thing now. Even, the mountains of prayer, which God has used you to establish, are now being used for fund raising. In one of my spiritual exercises, I went to one of your mountains outside Ibadan. I lied down early in the morning to rest and at the same time, to hear from you. Suddenly, one man of God, kept on disturbing the peace of others, by calling one of his clients in United Kingdom. Mummy, Mo wa lori Oke bayi, ti mo ngbadura fun yin pelu awe biribiri. Make sure you send the money to my bank account. Na Pound Sterling O. I laughed and said this is man is another Simon, the sorcerer. Whatever your right hand does, must be known to your left hand, says the Bible. Honestly, that is what is in vogue now.”

“This is contrary to what obtained during your time. You are known for power and authority of God, that made witches and wizards trembled, and strucked by God, if they are not ready for repentance. Permit me at this point to mentioned one of the genuine men of God today. Even though, I’ m not a member of RCCG, I can say it, without mincing words, that Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye is a true man of God. He is humility personified and full of grace. His gentle and cool voice speaks of the power of God, such that hardly can you be under his ministration, without being blessed. Daddy G.O, God will continue to anoint you in Jesus name. His mercy would not depart from your ministry.”

“Above all, you and the people around you would not miss the Kingdom of God, you are labouring for in Jesus name, amen.”

“Neither am I doing PR for the God’ s General, Apostle Babalola, nor for Pastor Adeboye. In the light of the truth of the ‘ Word’ of God and sense of justice, which I have committed to keeping till I finish my assignment on earth I’ m doing this, with a view to show the grace of God upon their lives, for others to learn.”

“Once again, I say Apostle Babalola, you are once in a generation. Often times, I asked myself this question. Is Ayo Babalola a spirit or human being, in view of the ways he walked with God tirelessly. 30 days, 40 days of marathon fasting in the bush, Trekking kilometers in order to evangelise or win souls for the Kingdom of God, Hours of Thanksgiving, Prayer and commitment to the Word. Above all, holiness and expectation that Christ is coming back soon. Little wonder that 59years after, the impact of your ministry is still being felt in Nigeria and beyond. By His grace, we would meet on the last day in Jesus name, amen.”



He was born on the 25th of April 1904 at Odo-Owa, Ilofa, in present day Ekiti Local Government areas of Kwara State, Nigeria to the family of late Pa David Lawani Rotimi and Madam Martha Talabi Rotimi. His father was a devout Christian and was also the founded CMS church at Ilofa/Odo-Owa, the church was in sixteen other towns then. Babalola was brought up as an Anglican.

He was brought to Lagos by his Uncle Mr. M.O. Rotimi who was a teacher at C.M.S. he went to elementary school at Oto-Awori near Badagry before he went to Methodist school at ago ijaye in ebute meta Lagos for just 2 years before he enrolled again at All saint M.C.S school in Osogbo, Osun State were he study to Nigeria Reader IV (primary 4) were he stop his education to learn Blacksmith for two years. He also learns Roller Driver under P W D (Public Works Department), he became a Steamroller Operator then under the control of the whites, learning to become a Steamroller Driver.

After 15 days of learning how to drive the caterpillar, he was able to drive it without any assistance. After nine months; he became a master in his class. He became the prophet of God in 1928 when God called him. It was while he was working as steamroller along Akure – Ilesha road in October 9th 1928 about 12.00 noon by the river Ariran that he heard a loud voice from above like the roar of thunder which called his name thrice saying “Joseph! Joseph!! Joseph!!! Leave this job you are doing; if not, this year you are going to be cut off from the earth.” Again On 11 October 1928, while trying to repair his machine, he heard an audible voice from the Lord to abandon the job and start preaching. That is how he received the call and he went into fasting and prayer. In this Special Report, City People ONDO/EKITI Reporter, ADEOLA SHITTU tells you some hard Facts and predictions of the founder of C.A.C, Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.

His first encounter with God after hearing his voice, was when the angel of the Lord told him to enter his house the voice called to him again telling him to fast for six days and pray 120 times which he faithfully did as he slept that night, an angel entered his room like lightning and began to talk to him. Then the angel told him to put off the light inside the room which he immediately did. Thereafter a brighter light completely different from any other lighted the whole room. The angel told him not to taste any manner of food for six days that the Lord Jesus Christ wants to send him some important works to various towns.

The angel told him that he was the one who had been talking to him on the road when he was driving and that he would have died if he had refused to hearken to his instructions. That is how he received the call and he went into series of fasting and prayer, all the while he was in Ipetu-Ijesha in Oriade local government area of Osun State. During this period of fasting and prayers, he received lots of revelations which formed the basis of the way he operated in his ministry. He later joined the Faith Tabernacle Church in November 1929 where he was baptized in Lagos lagoon in December the same year.

Following the voice of the Lord that Apostle Babalola heard in 1928, his first miracle was when the revival of his mission began with the raising of a dead child in September 1930. What followed this in three weeks was the healing of about 100 lepers, 60 blind people and 50 lame persons. This also resulted in the desolation of Churches in Ilesa because their members transferred their allegiance to the revivalist and that all the patients in Wesley Hospital, Ilesa, abandoned their beds to seek healing from Babalola. This divinely kicked off The Great Revival of 1930, which saw people coming from most parts of Africa and diaspora without posters and TV adverts.

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola ministries were given Bell (Agogo), Omi (water), Staff and his Bible. According to him the use of Bell (Agogo) is said to be used to call Angels of God down during a prayer gathering. While the water is said to be used for healing of all illness and disease and it opening the womb of any barren women. He had toured Yoruba land and eastern Nigeria, preaching about repentance, and renunciation of idolatry, the importance of prayer and fasting, and the power of God to heal sickness. And although his tour he have with him, his bell and Yoruba Bible in hand. During this period he also visited many towns and villages based on the Lords guidance where he preached the message of healing and deliverance to the people. He was specifically instructed by God to heal the sick through water which he prayed into. However for a period of six months he still maintained a strict regime of prayer and fasting.

In 1930 Faith Tabernacle affiliated with the British Apostolic Church. Then following a schism in the Apostolic Church about 1940, Babalola went with a new independent church, Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), where he continued his healing and revivalist activities until his death. The CAC regards Babalola as an apostle and his revival ministry as the beginning of the church. A CAC retreat center was built at Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State where Babalola was first called in 1928.

The watershed in his early ministry came when he was commanded by God to go to his hometown to warn his people against Idolatry, fetish practices and evil works. According to him The Spirit told me to go to my hometown, where I was born. The Lord said I should rub my face with ashes and to carry palm leaves in my hand and to buy a bell, which I was to be ringing the moment I entered the town and I obeyed. The voice told me to tell my people that unless they repented, evil beasts would enter the town to destroy them. On that same day I entered the town with a bell in my hand. The entire town was moved and there was great stir and consternation as people fled as they saw him.

The moment they set eyes on me they fled. The Voice told me to ring the bell in my hand round the town and I obeyed. His people however refused to repent or change their ways they instead summarily beat him up and his family was subjected to heavy persecution by the people of the town. In defense against the prophesied invasion of the town by wild beasts the people of the town armed themselves with Guns and Cutlasses. However God told His Servant to tell them he would not bring beasts again but instead would bring epidemics and it would start within forty- five days. At the expiration of the prophesied forty-five days and epidemic of small pox broke out and within 3 weeks about 300 persons had died. But those who repented and those who came to the man of god after contracting the disease were spared.

Another fact about him is that, Apostle Babalola will prayer for days unstop. According to some of his disciple that said, on several occasion as the God Apostle prayer to God on broken glass. He also sometime stand for 7 days praying to God unstop. Another interesting scenario of his prayer style is that Babalola’s shortest and brief prayer was that of 3 to 4 hours. It was remarked by Elder Abraham Owoyemi of Odo-Owa that the prophet regularly saw angels who delivered divine messages to him. An angel appeared in one of his prayers and forbade him to wear caps.

…to be continued.

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