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Where were you when it started?

It took the Church about 15 Years (2003 -2018) to execute the project. During this period, no body criticized or advised Pastor Kumuyi to terminate the project. Now that the project has been completed, several people (including Ministers of the gospel) are expressing their ENVY and jealousy in the name of condemning what has been done by Church. So the Auditorium should be demolished, right? You see your brother is heading towards a dangerous zone, not a single word or sign of warning came from you, until he became a victim. After that you are telling him “you shouldn’t have gone there or done this, bla bla bla”. My friend, isn’t that wickedness?


Nigeria is so poor. That’s is why most of the people speaking against this New Development are Nigerians. What a Local church in a civilized country can do, when it is done in Nigeria, Nigerians see it as evil and sinful.

When Solomon built Temple for God, the poor where there, yet neither them or God complained. Rather they contributed to the success of the project.



1. Pastor Kumuyi didn’t build the ultra modern worship auditorium. Members of Deeper Life worldwide did. The resources came from all strata of membership of the church. Everyone contributed his or her mite. It was a determination to give God the very best.


2.The architect who designed the building is a member of the church and all the structural engineers.


3. Deeper Life has missionaries to over 40 countries in Africa and beyond who are tirelessly working to have all men saved and by this, obeying the great commission.


4. Deeper Christian Life Ministry takes care of orphans, the poor and less privileged. But they don’t broadcast it on Television (like some ministries do) for the world to see (Matthew 6:1-4). So it be wrong for you to suggest that the money used in Building the Ultra Modern Worship Auditorium should have been distributed to the poor.


5. Deeper Christian Life Ministry started in 1973 and up till today (2018), the Church is still standing on it’s earlier ground “Jesus Only Is Our Message” “Without Holiness (inward and outward), NO MAN SHALL SEE THE LORD”. So the Ultra Modern Worship Auditorium will not make them change their ground.


6. The Rapture of the Church will soon take place and everything (including the Deeper Life ultra modern worship auditorium) will be left behind. Yes! But what has that got to do with Believers who made it in the Rapture?  Oh, even your certificates and money will be left behind. Does that mean you shouldn’t go to school or labour to get money?


7. Deeper Christian Life Ministry is not competing with any Ministry or organization, whether in Building of auditorium or whatever. The Project started before most of the world renowned auditoriums we are having today were executed. Some were already in existence before the conception of the DCLM Ultra Modern Worship Auditorium Project. If the Church was competing as many are claiming, it would have done more and not less.


8. Deeper Christian Life Ministry does force or threaten her members to give their tithes and offerings. No special envelope or prayers for tithers! Both tithe and offering are being dropped in one bag. In a whole year, you might not even hear them preach a sermon on tithe or offering. But in almost every of their meetings, you will hear them saying “Without Holiness, NO man will see the Lord”. So it will be wrong for you to say forceful collection of tithes and offerings is what was used for the project. Members of the Church including the young and old, Locally, Nationally and Internationally gave willingly and joyfully for the project.


9. No Pastor (including Pastor Kumuyi) in Deeper Christian Life Ministry is permitted to use your tithe/offering on their personal needs. Whichever amount the Church realizes, it is used in running the church programs and projects. In others words, Members of Deeper Life give their tithe to the Church and not the Pastor.


10. Deeper Christian Life Ministry didn’t build a mansion or auditorium for Pastor Kumuyi! They built it FOR GOD!


👉Few years to come if Jesus tarries, most of the projects we are condemning today, our local churches will be the ones executing them. In few years to come, Aeroplane that many people consider sinful for a man of God to own will be like the motor cars we are driving today (This doesn’t mean I am in support of men of God owning private jets)


WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW IS BIGGER THAN YOU! You have the right as a Christian, to condemn whatsoever God condemns. On the other hand, you don’t have any right to condemn what God is silent on.


👉Don’t draw your conclusions based on what you Hear but what you Know. Because you are going to give account someday (Matthew 12:36-37).


👉For the fact that you changed your place of worship does not mean you should be speaking against it even when it has done nothing wrong.


👉Don’t be sentimental! Do not condemn or criticize because your Ministry is not doing or has not done it!


God Bless Pastor Kumuyi and all the members of Deeper Christian Life Ministry for their obstinate efforts towards the success of the Ultra Modern Worship Auditorium. And to all the Christians in Nigeria and beyond who are appreciating God for what he has done, Blessings and Peace be unto you!

Those who are envious and jealous of what God has done in DCLM and have resolved to be Gossiping, condemning and criticizing, I Pray the Lord Deliver You!

And I Hope nobody will visit Heaven and Hell and will come back with a message that Pastor Kumuyi and DCLM has backslidden for building a Ultra Modern Worship Auditorium?


What more can I say? THIS IS THE LORD’S DOING AND IT IS MARVELOUS IN OUR SIGHT. To God be the Glory! Amen



Feel free to share with others. Thanks for reading and God bless.

-Watchman Amos

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