I Almost Went to Hell From a Church That Was Silent About…


I was already a secret cult member when I joined a church in Futa Northgate of Akure town in Ondo state Nigeria some 9 years ago.

Eventhough I knew that I’m a sinner due to my activities and passion as a cult guy. Yet this church never played any evangelical role to rescue my dying soul.


All we had is a celebration service every Sunday while Heaven is indeed mourning over us as a Dead church full of Dead men.

And anytime salvation is preached ,it is presented as if we are all saved.

I was soon appointed as a worker among the choirs in the church and I was still a cult member.

Many times, I come to church with my girlfriend after fornicating and we will attend the celebration service together without hearing a single sermon that calls for a check up.

I pertook in the so called Holy communion at communion services and I smoke hemp regularly outside the church.

Sometimes I meet with our choir mistress also in Night parties, yet we sing together in the Same church.

Another thing in that church is the high level of immodesty and nudity among the ladies starting from the pastor’s wife and daughters.

Which spread among the church members to make them religious prostitutes full of lust and seduction.

Even the pastor is another model of having barbaric hair cut for we guys in the church.

I played Konga drums for the church and the dead pastor and lost congregation danced passionately to the beat of the cult guy!

What a pity!!

Showing people the height of God’s love is very much good but not as the complacent preachers of today who are totally silent on God’s wrath.

By God’s grace I preach the love of God but not as to be mute on warning people against the reality of Hell fire.

And I believe preachers would do well to follow the example of Christ in their ministry who spoke about divine wrath more than any other subject in the Bible.

Infact , Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross in demonstration of Love is to rescue Humanity from God’s impending judgement and everlasting punishment in Hell.

Therefore,Preachers must not shrink away from proclaiming the righteous judgement of God coming upon Hell deserving sinners unless they repent .

I realized in the Bible that Jesus warned the people of His days against the wrath of God as long as He teaches more on the reality of Hell fire.

To omit God’s wrath as a preacher is to obscure His amazing love for the lost .

Moreso, its a merciless act of the preacher to withold the declaration of divine vengeance.

Because the wrath of God is His Holiness stirred into activity against Sin.

addressing the wrath of God should not be optional for any faithful preacher.

I recommend that every preacher should follow after Christ regardless of their ministerial offices, to preach the wrath of God otherwise they’re marginalising the Love of God.

Presentation matters though, but it must be preached.

Why should the wrath of God be preached?

  1. The preaching of Christ demands it. Ironically, Jesus had more to say about divine wrath than anyone else in the Bible. Our Lord spoke about God’s wrath more than He spoke of God’s love. Jesus warned about “fiery hell” (Matt. 5:22 ) and eternal “destruction” (7:13) where there is “weeping and gnashing of teeth” (8:12). Simply put, Jesus was a hellfire and damnation preacher.
  2. The glory of the cross demands it. Christ suffered the wrath of God for all who would call upon Him. If there is no divine wrath, there is no need for the cross, much less for the salvation of lost souls. From what would sinners need to be saved?

It is only when we recognize the reality of God’s wrath against those deserving of judgment that we find the cross to be such glorious news.

Too many pulpiteers today boast in having a cross-centered ministry but rarely, if ever, preach divine wrath. This is a violation of the cross itself.

  1. The teaching of the Apostles demands it. Those directly commissioned by Christ were mandated to proclaim all that He commanded (Matt. 28:20 ).

This necessitates proclaiming God’s righteous indignation toward sinners.

The Apostle Paul warns unbelievers of the “God who inflicts wrath” (Rom. 3:5 ) and declares that only Jesus can “deliver us from the wrath to come” (1 Thess. 1:10 ).

Peter writes about “the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly” (2 Pet. 3:7 ).
Jude addresses the “punishment of eternal fire” (Jude 7 ). John describes “the wrath of the Lamb” (Rev. 6:16 ).

Clearly, the New Testament writers recognized the necessity of preaching God’s wrath.

God has fixed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness (Acts 17:31 ). That day is looming on the horizon.

Like the prophets and Apostles, and even Christ Himself, we too must warn unbelievers of this coming dreadful day and compel them to flee to Christ, who alone is mighty to save.

The Ninevites heard the coming wrath of God from Jonah and repented.( Jonah 2)

Could any preacher claim to love sinners than Christ Himself? Automatically NO!

I’m not sorry to say that many preachers of nowadays have a foundational problem on their claim of salvation experience.

Therefore, they are proned to stray out of biblical injunction on what ministry, minister, and messages should be.

This is the problem that the body of Christ is facing ,and thus getting the world even confused about the truth.

Listen to me preacher…
You must not be apologetic on preaching the wrath of God with a heart of Love ,otherwise you possess a counterfeit spirit which is not of Christ.

You Must Warn the Lost Against The Impending judgement of God
Regardless of Your Ministerial Office.
Otherwise, you’ve Not Been called By Christ Atall!

So , you can see this undeniable cancer troubling complacent preachers and how many souls have travelled to Hell inside their Ark of perverted ministry?

Any preacher that is not getting this right is deeply ignorant and might not be sent by God at all, because they stand to pioneer a church and ministry confortable for Hell-bound sinners like I was before I got saved.



Olatunji Oyeyemi.

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