Recently the Lord has been Lending his Grace to me to the Intent of Understanding the Weight Marriage commands in his Kingdom And as I Receive LIGHT in such Weighty Matter and I Practice them, I write unto the Edification of the Body….

I trust God to shed LIGHT unto Transformation in our Lives and Marriages as we deal today with the Word “HUSBAND”.

The Word HUSBAND is Gotten from the Word “Husbandry” or “Husband Man”.

Now,Husbandry is an Act of taming wild animals to be domesticated.They are expert in taming voracious Dogs,Lions and other wild Animals to be their Friends.

What Makes the Husband-Man able to tame wild animals to be his friend is that he has learnt how to “CUDDLE,TEND,PET AND FEED” those animals in a Loving way.

Those tactics softens the wild nature in those animals towards him and make them Domesticated.

Dear Husbands, All those nature and characteristics in our wives that we thought are wild and Untameable were only calling for our care,tending,cuddling and feeding But Alas We Responded With Harsh actions and Unloving Words.

Remember the Jesus said “I am the Vine and My father is the Husband-Man”

How did God React to our wild Nature as sinners?

Was it by Firm Rebuke and Discipline or by LOVE THROUGH CALVARY?

Oh! It was the LOVE OF GOD at Calvary that transformed wild and Untameable beasts Like you and I into Gentle and Domestic BRIDE..

Dear Husbands, You see atimes when our wives depict characters that are unchristlike,Wild,stubborn and Disrespectful….

There is Something within us that would say “If you don’t Affirm your authority in this house Right Now by being autocratic and firm in Decision taking she would take you for a Ride.
It would tell you to Discipline and Punish her for that Rash action of Hers and then you would be looking for what you use to Punish her that she would feel it so badly and before You know it you would say “ehm! That Wedding of your friend You told me About or that church conference you spoke to me about which I said yes to earlier On,I say No to it Now And being the head of the house my decision is Final or you might say that tourist visit or outing to Zoo or shopping mall I Proposed both of you Go next month is cancelled for this your Rebellious Act or worst still is to BEAT OR INSULT YOUR WIFE( If as a husband you have ever hit your wife or insult her Personality is just an indication that she is unfortunate to have you as her Head and you are highly Irresponsible and Should humble thyself And Ask for Mercy)

Sirs,Experience have confirmed to us that when we scold our wives,Beat them or Punish them IT DIDN’T TAME THAT WILD AND NAUGHTY NATURE in them Rather it might make them Quite outside but fuming with Anger within and instead of them being Repentance they Intend Doing Worse and our Marriage Which was meant to be a replica of Heaven on Earth is now tantamount to the the corridors of HELL.

Sirs,Darkness Doesn’t Drive out Darkness so does hate speeches or Actions towards thy wife Drive out ill Behaviours for there is no woman on earth who does not React to LOVE…(Except you married an agent of Darkness).

There is No woman on Earth that cannot be tamed by Affection And when I mean Affection I don’t mean conjugal Relationship(Sex)but let her feel Christ Love.

And the Best time your wife feels your love is when she knows she has misbehaved and she is expecting harsh Rebuke and your Long termed silence or short wave communication but you Reacted with LOVE for such Husbandry breaks her Pride and naughtiness.

Sirs,I Myself Do not write as one who has attained to that height for that would be a blatant hypocrisy but as one that Eagerly Pray for Grace to be a BETTER HUSBAND TO MY ONE AND ONLY BELOVED WIFE ON THIS EARTH and so I write to every husband or Potential husband so as to Open our Eyes of understanding to God’s standard for Husbands and together we can Approach God’s Throne for Grace to be the Husbands Heaven wants us to Be….

Let’s Pray.


Ihuoma Ifeanyi.

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