Humility Have Been Grossly Misunderstood in Our Days.


Some people think when you talk softly or you write in a soft tone, you are a very humble person. I have seen very arrogant people who are very soft. Their softness deceives them into thinking they are humble. And it also deceives several other people who do not know what humility means. When people say Donald Trump is a proud person, I just laugh within me. He could not have gotten to the level he got to in life if he was too proud.

Brethren, the TRUTH is that there is no perfectly humble person, and there is no totally proud person. We are all at different levels of humility and pride. All we need to keep doing is to keep growing in humility, and aim towards depleting every form of pride in our minds. Do you know that the church of Christ in Nigeria would have been so awesome and full of practical glory, if people understand the importance of learning from one another. Imagine your Bishop or Pastor is humble enough to listen to you, who is just a member. Just one word from your mouth can change his life. Imagine that all pastors in Nigeria would be so thirsty and eager in humility to learn the PRINCIPLES OF THE KINGDOM that Dr Sunday Adelaja used to transform Ukraine and command global attention. Imagine what effect that would have had on our nation instead of always waiting for the government.

Now, let me tell you how to measure your humility in any area of life. It is very simple. Anyone who is humble grows in Grace. God truly practically gives grace to the humble. And you cannot grow in Grace without knowing. When I talk about Grace here, I mean the ability to release the good gifts you have in you to your world.

I like to paint a picture for you. I am not a naturally born writer. If you study my articles well, you would realize that. But there is Some level of humility in me that makes me keep studying people whose writings get tremendous attention from readers. I value such people in my hearts. I take time to study their works. I try to find out their secrets. I am not even ashamed to tell such people their works have been a blessing to me. Though, I may not be a soft talker or writer, my humility in that area makes me grow in Grace. Before you know it, my own writing starts getting some attention too without going to any school to learn it.

But do you know what a proud person would do, though he or she may be the softest person around? He would think “I love the way I write. I do not need to learn from anyone.” He or she would keep focusing on past glories. Personally, I get to know a humble person when I observe their capacity to learn. Humility is what makes people have high voracity for studies and learning. They cannot just deceive themselves that they already know enough. Brother, if you are not a studious person, you are not a humble person. It does not matter how many people you bow your heads for. Please NEVER confuse low self esteem with humility. Jesus was humble but not with a low self-esteem. Jesus talked confidently and was sometimes harsh. In fact, they wanted to stone him many times because they thought he was too proud and a blasphemer.

Until you get the right meaning of humility, you may keep wasting your life on the altar of false meekness. Humility was what made Jesus stay up all night on several occasions communing with His Father. He could not just get enough of him. Humility was what made Apostle Paul work abundantly more than other people. Humility was the secret behind his several revelations and insight into our inheritance in Christ. Humility filled him with Grace and he had a lot to release to his world. A heart that is not humble and thirsty does not get filled by God.

When you see people who remain at the same spot for too long, the cause of it is NOT usually the devil. It is mostly the PRIDE OF LIFE. When pride has been rooted in your heart without knowing, you will not seek for the right information. You would think you know when you actually know nothing. Pride is the reason why people get over-confident on things they should have been careful about. Pride has led to people losing millions of dollars against their desires. I have seen pride make a friend suffer the same gruesome experience for many months. Something he could have easily avoided.

One of my favorite prayer points is that God should open my eyes to see any area of my life that pride is limiting me from being more effective in fulfilling my purpose on earth. I pray that we all continue to grow from grace to grace. The path of the just is as a shining light. It shines brighter and brighter unto a perfect day.

I love you eternally.
Sunday Akinbowale

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