I have received numerous questions from friends, not just unregenerated friends but including friends in the church who professed to have experienced the the new birth.

How can I Overcome PORNOGRAPHY?

First and foremost, I will want to make clear to you that watching of PORNOGRAPHY is a sin against God, 1 Thessalonians 5:22 is a clear passage that condemns watching of PORNOGRAPHY and any other ungodly movies, music’s and photos.

Also I want to make known to you that man is made up of three personalities in one (The Spirit, Soul and Fleshl Body); that is, man is a spirit having a soul living in the body. And that any unregenerated person who have not experienced the new birth lives his life from the affinity of the soul and body, excluding the cooperation of the spirit.

The soul is the seat of emotion, it is the point at which DESIRING comes from. Every desire whether positive or negative comes from the department of the soul.

Addiction to Pornography is builts around your soul. It is a virus that has corrupted your soul. As a soulish virus, every bodily attempt and discipline may tend to futility, because it is not a bodily problem but a soulish problem.

It is good you have this knowledge as a background on which the message is built on.

Addiction to porn is a soulish problem like virus, corrupting your thought life. When this virus begins to fight against you, it affects your imagination, thought life and reaction of your sexual organs.

Addiction to porn is a psychological problem which refer to the soul. The soul is spiritual, meaning is a spiritual body though not the same as the spirit. The spirit and the soul are distinct persons though co-habiting together. Addiction to Porn, smoking, drugs etcs are issues relating to the soul.

If the soul is responsible for desiring, it means the souls is where the real problem of sin comes from. Therefore the appetites of the soul need to be control.


The soul is possible to be influence by either external agents or internal agents. Sinners who are not born again are not spiritual, meaning their spirits are dormant, appearing to be dead (Ephesians 2:1-5). Therefore they are control by the affinity or unity of their body and soul. The souls of sinners are influenced by what the fleshly body see, hear and feel, and also by the suggestion of the Devil or demons to their souls.

Those who are addict to Pornography often feel a strong voice speaking to their heart (souls) to go into porn sites and then enjoy the pleasure of the flesh. Though they are resent about watching porn yet they appear helpless to overcome such persuasive suggestion of demons to their souls. Those who are addict to either porn or sexual sins are slave to sin (Satan), because their soul and body are controlled by strange spirits (demons). These strange spirits speak/influence their souls, and their souls influences their body to fulfill the desire of the soul.

John 8:34
“And this was the answer Jesus gave them: Truly I say to you, Everyone who does evil is the servant of sin.”

Sin is the nature of the Devil, and an enemy of man’s soul. Those who are addict to Porn are putting their soul in eternal danger. Below are steps gracefully and scripturally outline that can bring freedom from Porn addiction.


Overcoming Porn addiction cannot be achieve by human principles and laws. Self discipline will render impotent without receive divine help from the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:17; John 8:36).

(1) Born Again Experience- sin deaden the human spirit. The spirit is the innermost being, the soul is the outer being, and the body is the outermost being. The human spirit is dormant by sin. But when a man totally repent of his sins and accept Jesus into his life to become born again, the spirit of the man will be quicken or revive by the Holy Spirit to become alive. When the spirit is revived by the Holy Spirit, it will also be possess by the Holy Spirit to influence the soul, and the soul to the body. Genuine born again believers’ desires are influence from the Holy Spirit within. The born again believer is now influence from the Holy Spirit inside him that cloths his own spirit within. The Born Again experience is an experience of deliverance. Born again believers who are addicts to Porn must repent and ask God to restore unto them His Holy Spirit (John 3,6-7; Romans 8:1-14).

(2) Daily Reading and Meditation on God’s Word- the word of God is life and Spirit. Having been born again, the Holy Spirit now dwell in you. You need daily reading of the Bible and meditation on it to keep your spirit growing over your soul. The more your spirit is grow more than your soul the more you live to please God. The Word of God is food for your spirit, and antivirus against the virus of sin. (Psalms 19:7-13).

(3) Walking in the Spirit: this talks about obedience to the Holy Spirit within you whenever He speaks to you. Whenever temptation comes to watch porn there will be a small still voice speaking in your heart not to sin, such voice is the voice of the Holy Spirit. Obeying the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures are ways of walking in the Spirit (read Romans 8:1-14).

(4) Prayer: prayer gives your spirit the power to resist sin. To overcome addiction to Porn demands constant and daily force prayer to prevail. Soaking yourself in prayer daily is like coating yourself with brass and iron against arrows of sin. (Luke 18:1; 1 Thessalonians 5:17)

(5) Resisting the Devil constantly: Because the Devil will be trying daily to lead you back to the captivity of Porn. You must daily resist the Devil, and never give room for him to operate (James 4:6-9).

These are what you need to overcome addict to Porn. It is also the secret of overcoming every sinful addict.

(By Brother Peterson A. Abu)
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