How Psalm 91 became my favourite Psalm.

Written by Pastor Dolapo Adelakun

I have always loved Psalm 91 because of the many promises in it. I even encourage young mothers to read it over their children to rock them to sleep. I also use it personally but never did I know it’s depth until a woman came to me for counselling.

She is married to a very fearful wealthy man. She said at a point, the husband brought in 3 strange red small purses made of suede. The very small purse was tied with a black thin leather. They were looking very fearful.

Her husband warned her never to move near them. He placed one dangling beside his bed. One in the car and one in his office. The woman said, from that moment, she stopped sleeping in the same room with her husband. The husband loved it this way, warning her not to bring any of the children to his bedroom again.

She came for counselling and I asked her to anoint her hands, put on a glove and open the tied purse. She was afraid and said she could not do it for fear of death. We prayed together and she left.

About a year later, she came back to share her testimony. She said, one day, she prayed in tongues for 6hours and a strange boldness came upon her. She went to the husbands room and poured the anointing oil on the red object. She untied the black leather, opened the red purse which had a folded paper wrapped in a transparent nylon. She removed the nylon and opened the paper. Inside of it was a typed Psalm 91. She said, she could not believe it. So it is Psalm 91 she has been running away from all these years. Even the husband was warned never to open it but that it was going to shield him from attacks and road accidents.

Years later, when the husband got born again, he asked me to invite the pastor to come and help him burn the thing but she said, we don’t need the pastor to burn it, we can destroy it ourselves. According to her the husband said…. are you crazy? The herbalist told me the day I open it I will die. She said, she was just laughing at the foolishness of her husband. She said, she unwrapped the thing and showed him the Psalm 91.

The husband brought in the one in his car. They opened it and it was still Psalm 91. He brought the one in his office and it was the same Psalm 91. The husband said he paid millions of Naira for the 3 ‘tira’.

If a herbalist knows the power of Psalm 91, It is a Psalm I want to give attention to. It has become one of my favourite Psalms and everyday I see it’s efficacy and potency in my life.

Use Psalm 91 as a sleeping dose everyday especially for the children who keep having attacks in their dreams.

Have a victory filled day. As you move around, the angels will give charge over you. You will not dash your feet against the stone. A thousand will fall by your side and ten thousand by your left but it shall not come near you. Jehovah will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence. Long Life is God’s portion for you in Jesus name.

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