Ay Gbenga Elufidipe wrote:
Pastor Jonathan was once a pastor in Gospel Faith Mission, and he was once a fervent, rugged and dependable trustworthy man of God, who knows what he’s doing, he preaches the message of salvation and live his life by it. Before he got married, he was a celebrated drunkard. One day, Yetunde went out for evangelism and she found Jonathan on her way and preached to HIM.

After her preaching, Jonathan broke down and became born-again, Yetunde led him to her church and he was doing well in the Lord. As times goes on the grace of God located him for pulpit ministration, he went to bible school and graduated excellently and began to do well in the ministry. As time went on, Jonathan got married to Yetunde and they had children.

But one day, the devil sow a seed of dis-unity into their midst, by shooting an arrow of disobedience and lack of submission into the life of Yetunde against her husband, to the extent that she refused him to have intercourse with her for 3 whole years. Pastor Jonathan will come to Yetunde his wife, saying I am busy working for the Lord but I’m still guilty, because I’m beginning to lust after ladies now. You are killing me silently and you know I’m not an angel, and you also know how often I counsel women everyday as the nature of my job.
My wife please have mercy and stop doing these, but Yetunde will shout on him and say leave me alone and stop disturbing me. How can you call yourself a man of God and can’t control yourself? You’d better pray and fast and let God take away your sexual urges; it’s not food, so why should you backslide because of sex? Three years after, Pastor Jonathan couldn’t hold it anymore and end up impregnating a lady in the church, who has being seducing him for a very long time.

Later the secret became exposed, Yetunde was very angry that her husband could do this to her, she was praying and weeping, abusing her husband that he has brought shame upon her. The church committee placed him on suspension for a very long duration.
During this period, he will be the first to get to the church and he will sit at the back of the church, no one will talk to him nor greet him, and he will also be the last to leave the church. No one will visit him at home or encourage him.
He endured this shame and punishment.

On the day of his restoration , the church elders said, we never expect such from someone like you because you are highly respected among other pastors. When the church committee saw his humility and seriousness in repenting, they said to him, we love you and we forgive you, you are now welcome back into our midst as a pastor.

Then pastor Jonathan said No. There is no need for that again, I am not willing to continue in the journey anymore, just permit me to say something to this woman (Yetunde), I call her this woman because she is no longer my wife.

Pastor Jonathan turned to his wife and said, woman I thank God for your life, it was you God used to save my life and it’s the same you the devil used to take away my salvation, so please take this bible and my sermon note book from me. You are free to continue your heavenly journey while I will change my direction back from here.
But when you see your master Jesus on the final day, he will ask you about me.
As soon as he finished saying this, he walked out of the church, and went straight back to the beer pallor where he was many years ago before Yetunde converted him.

The whole church was shocked and many shed tears for him, they tried all they could to restore him back but the man has made up his mind.

(Let’s stop here for now.)

I believe there are few lessons to learn from this touching story. Sadly, many married ladies, especially who are married to men of God still behave like sister Yetunde due to reasons best known to them.
May we not cause our spouse to fail God, fall or falter in Jesus’ name!

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