How God Made me Build my House Within 4 Months after Striking a Deal with Him.-Testimony of a brother.

Nine years ago, I desperately wanted to build a house for myself. This was also the time I wanted to leave Nigeria three years after I had stubbornly relocated back home against all advice.

I had not much in my account but I wanted to build me a duplex and a beautiful one at that. I also don’t want to spend years trying to raise a building. I wanted to do this within few months.


What I did?


I went to the redemption camp, swept one of the auditorium. No program was going on. No one asked me to. I was telling God while sweeping that it was a bribe to get a certain thing. I had gone to beautify his house in exchange for a house for myself.


The Sunday that followed, the pastor of the church I attend mentioned that they want people to contribute to put tiles in the church auditorium. I wasn’t sure I had enough money to put the tiles but I met with the pastor after the service and offered to do the tiling alone. In the pastor’s mind, I was doing it for the church, in my mind, I was striking a deal with my God. I struggled to sponsor the tiling of the auditorium all by myself because it was quite big.


Six month after, my house was completed. There are many people on my list that knows my house and there are few people here also who knows the building didn’t take me more than four months from foundation to finishing. Most importantly, there is at least one man here who was jumping from one meeting to another with me after those sacrifices I made to get what I wanted from my God. Doors opened unexpectedly and beyond expectation!


For me it was a miracle and an answered prayer. For fact finders, it may not be possible!


I got many offers I didn’t even look for. Those I looked for and got, I wasn’t the best for them but I got them!


We are wired differently and so is our belief as par our faith!


Allow people deal with their spiritual matters the way they deem fit!


What works for me may not work for you but it doesn’t make it impossible!


There is a God who runs the affairs of men. There is an Ancient of Days who works wonders. His ways are not our ways!!


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