How Churches Hinder People’ s Personal Spiritual Growth

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build MY CHURCH; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
—Matthew 16:18

And when the CHIEF SHEPHERD shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.
— I Peter 5:4

The words capitalised by me in the two scripture verses stated above, show that the church belongs to Christ and He is the one who runs it. The elders and leaders are just under-shepherds.

These under-shepherds must therefore administer the church according to the pattern or blueprint set by Christ.

But the way churches are run today show that many General Overseers and pastors don’t understand or care about the fact that Jesus owns the church. The result of this is that the vision of most church people, is hazy. They cannot see Christ for whom He is. The consequence of that is the stunted spiritual growth of church folks.

The verse 3 of 1 Peter 5 says shepherds must not be lords over God’s servants. But when a G.O or senior pastor becomes the central focus of the members of his sect( denomination), he becomes their lord or an emperor.

Sadly, some professing Christians act as though whatever their G.O. or pastor says is final. The G.O. or the pastor acts and talks in a way that he dominates their consciousness. His followers don’t even bother to scrutinise what he says and does with the Scriptures.

They cannot study the Scriptures for themselves. They cannot hear from the Lord on their own except what Daddy G.O or Papa says.

I watched a distressing video put up by a young man on Facebook in which he said, you cannot preach anything other than what your pastor teaches you, meaning you cannot pray and get a message from God by yourself. What a poisonous statement from a young “minister” of the Gospel.

While, it is not wrong to sometimes share on Facebook, a sound message or doctrine taught by a minister, I find it disappointing that the most of the posts you see on some friends’ walls are sermons preached by a man of God. And I wonder if these people really know Christ enough to hear from Him directly.

Some people on Facebook in their posts seem to celebrate their pastors more than Jesus. Their Facebook walls are full of the pictures and messages of their pastor. He is the Jesus they see or so it seems.

Sadly, these people think they know the truth but they barely know it.

Today, many pastors teach all manners of nonsense but you dare not challenge them.

They make money by selling anointing oil and demanding seed payments. Their members are too spiritually naive to even discern these satanic teachings and practices.

So-called Christians go to church to sing, dance, pray and listen to sermons, yet they are either dead, dying or static.

They have no robust fellowship with God but only with the sermons preached by their pastors and the devotionals and books authored by these ministers.

It is not wrong to listen to sound sermons and use good devotionals but do not restrict yourself to them.

If every believer would begin to sincerely seek Christ, He would reveal Himself to them.

By Paul Dada

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