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Dear counsellorI am a Christian who desires the power of the holy spirit, I have read some  books and some bible verses  but still struggling.I want His manifestation, New tongues, miracles.What do I need to do? Any recommendations, book or scriptures?Thanks.Regards


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    In response to your e-mail,
    The first step to being filled by the Holy Spirit is to first of all accept Christ as one’s personal Lord and saviour; which could simply be said to become born again(John 3:3-7) which I know you have already done from your mail.
    I really want to commend you for the earnest desire you have in manifesting the power of the Holy Ghost which is also part of the signs towards Spiritual maturity.
    But before one can manifest the power of the Holy Ghost, he/she has to be first filled with the Holy Spirit(Acts2:1-4) which must be preceeded by a yearning; i.e the desire to be baptized by the Holy Spirit.
    Suffice to say that the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers is important for strengthening,equipping,energizing and enabling the believers to manifest one, some or all of the nine Spiritual gifts Apostle Paul itemised in 1Corinthians12:8-10( Please, I encourage you to study the whole chapter) and it is for the benefits of the church’s edification, growth and expansion.(Acts 2:41-47)
    It then follows that in as much as you are certain of being filled with the Holy Spirit, you then need to find more time to wait on Him(Acts 2:1) more in the place of prayer(and fasting) and in the study of the word of God which may be during your quiet time or create a time for a personal retreat in areas devoid of human disturbance and interference. More importantly, always live a holy live and make your ways right before God and ensure the motive of the desire is right and not for personal showbiz.(1Cor.14:12.
    If you are persistent and sincere about it, God shall grant your heart desire very soon.
    Don’t get discouuraged.
    Solomon Omitogun(Admin)

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