God has been opening the eyes of his children to understand the Magnitude of Marriage via this little little things we share and it Gladdens our hearts.

We have prior discussed about the parameters capable of altering God’s perfect Will in Marriage and today we’re starting a series on How God guide his children unto Marital choices and we would go back to Genesis to trace How God led Adam unto Marriage.

“And God said It is NOT GOOD that the Man should be Alone” (Gen 2:18).

I want pose this question to you, was it the first day God created Adam that he said it is not Good that he is alone or After a time-span of Creating Adam and Watching Him Carry out his Mandate that he lamented that It’s Not Good that Adam is alone?

I strongly believe that is was after a period of time God had created Adam and as Adam was carrying out his business that God saw a vacuum and said “It’s not Good he is Alone.”

Please follow keenly so as not to miss out on this Foundational Revelation.

Now, If the Above is true it then Means that there was a Period of time in God’s eyes that “IT WAS GOOD THAT ADAM WAS ALONE”.

From the day God created Adam to the Point God said it high time he Married meaning there was a Point in Adam’s Life that God Felt it was Perfectly Good for Him to Be alone.

The first step to knowing God’s Will in Marriage is to verify if Heaven has Said “IT’S NOT GOOD THAT THIS BROTHER OR SISTER SHOULD BE ALONE”.

Because God cannot lead a brother to a sister or vice versa when he knows that for now it’s good this brother or sister is ALONE.

When we go to God in prayers saying” God, I am straight betwixt in choose making.I need your Direction,Bla!Bla!Bla!…..” God would quickly check his time table for thy Destiny to know if your request synchronize with his current agenda for thy life and if NO! Acute silence Would be his answer to thee and every attempt to choice a sister or brother would boomerang until the appointed time if he really loves you for there were some that went ahead of Heaven’s time table for their lives and crash landed now.

There is a time in our Lives that HEAVEN wants us to be Alone.
At this Point God wants us to be Singleminded inoder to Build capacity and Depth in us to Bear the weight of Marriage but because Many Aren’t discerning to know heaven’s calendar they Quickly hook up In a Relationship that has Damage their prayer life,Hunger for God’s word and Garment of purity because according TO HEAVEN’S CALENDAR IT’S GOOD YOU’RE ALONE but we went ahead of God.

Jesus said your time is come but mine time is not yet come.(John 7:3-5) In the Spirit Realm we don’t use the same wrist watch so don’t engage in Any Marital Project with another Man’s Wrist watch for it’s frustrating.

Many Christians are under acute pressure to enter into Relationship unto Marriage not because they got a Divine Prompting saying “IT’S NOT GOOD YOU’RE ALONE” but because their friends whom God has given go ahead are now in relationship unto Marriage.
Atimes it’s parental or Peer pressure that makes us Go ahead of You hear parents or friends say “Thank God you have found something doing, So when are we expecting you to bring a woman home” and According to God’s timing IT’S STILL GOOD THIS BROTHER REMAIN ALONE BECAUSE THERE IS A CONSECRATION GOD WANTS TO BUILD IN HIM NOW THAT’S ALONE but due to Parental Pressure this Brother Jumps the Ladder of Divine timing to Choose a wife to marry and it misses that Divine Input for which when he marries,the weight of Marriage would demand that Consecration he could have gotten while single and when not found, there would be Crack in the Marriage. Ask many Married People that Jumped this Ladder they are suffering the Effect Now, while for many Sisters is it societal pressure where there mates are all getting hooked up or married but she no Green ligh and due to haste she agrees to any dick and harry Irrespective of HEAVEN’S TIMING and this is the Beginning of Sorrow in Marriages because God is not ready to sponsor a project he didn’t INITIATE.

Notice; I always emphasis on Relationship unto Marriage what we called COURTSHIP because Christians don’t engage in DATING and if you have any problem with that it’s an evidence that the SEED that begat thee is corrupt.

Dear Reader, Have you Gotten God’s Go ahead over that Marital Journey you are embarking on? Or was it AGE,PEER OR PARENTAL FACTOR that is the Driver to that Marital Goal?

Lots of persons especially young folks who have been following these series have signaled that they cannot wait to Read on God’s guidelines in Marriage and I am emphasising first of all “If God has Said what he said to Adam” enjoy singlehood. Use it to beef up thy Fire, Pursue God not Sister or Brother,Marry thy academics and Bible not Relationship and be Engrossed with DESTINY until heaven interrupt thee.

Finally, I want to Encourage this Fellow whom God has said IT’S NOT GOOD THAT YOU ALONE.You know fully well within thee God HEAVEN is roiting over your singleness but you are asking but I keep seeing Spirit husband or wives in my dreams threatening me, Or where would the Money Come, Or the Brother or sister that is mine is still dribbling me….

Relax! For He that has Initiated the Vision has gone to Work to Back his WORD.All we need is God’s Bidding on Marriage and Every Mountain shall be made plain.

I Remember vividly 2017 January,I was in a prayer program for God’s mercy the year and while Going to take my shower God spoke to me Clearly “By December ending you would Marry”. Honestly Speaking there were Marine,Demonic and Financial mountains but I wrote it down in my diary and constantly took it to God in Prayers and Exactly December Ending 30th to be precised God’s Word came to Be.

Beloved, HAS GOD SAID?


Let’s pray for eyes to see and hears to ear God Agenda per time for our lives.


Ihuoma Ifeanyi

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