Text: If any woman has any Question let her ask her husband when she Gets home (1cor 14:35)

My Question from the Above text has always been; What if the Husband Doesn’t know the scriptures how can this hungry wife be satisfied?
(Women are always at the Receiving end in a faulty marriage.)

According to God’s Design Every Husband should be the Priest of his own home.

When Satan tempted Eve at the Garden,Eve Quoted “Genesis 2:17” to the Devil as a Defence but I want us to bring to our Consciousness that When God gave Adam that Instruction not to Eat of that Tree “Eve wasn’t Created yet”, so how come she knew God’s word? The Priest(Adam) taught Her.

Here is the Original Divine Protocol; God Reveals his Plans and Word to Adam(Not Eve)and Adam washes his wife with God’s Word.

The first man in the scriptures God called a “FRIEND” was Abraham and God said that not because he spoke in tongues, worked miracles or won souls but because “I KNOW HE SHALL TEACH AND COMMAND HIS HOUSEHOLD TO FOLLOW ME”(Genesis 18:19).

The scriptures saith; “Every Husband ought to Wash and cleanse his wife by the word” (Ephesians 5:25)

Every Husband is a Priest and must Bear that Responsibility if that family is to Have a HOME IN EDEN.

There is a quiet ommision in many marital Relationships because most husbands assumes that it is the Pastors on pulpit that can build up their wives in the way of the Lord and mould their wives for the Destiny God has for her on earth.

Many homes are in disarray because of this; as many wives scramble around like lost sheeps looking around for Greener pastures and many wives have fallen victims to Wolves simply because the PRIEST OF THE HOUSE DOESN’T WANT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY IN TEACHING HIS HOUSEHOLD GOD’S PRECEPT.

If a man doesn’t want to take Responsibility in knowing God’s word and serve as a teaching Priest to his family, then in God’s estimate(not world system) he is not ready for Marriage. Getting past puberty, Getting a Job or college degree doesn’t make one Ready for this most “SACRED INSTITUTION” and if you are already married but don’t know God’s word,then make it a priority to Study his word for your family.

Another arising is; since every husband is meant to WASH his wife with God’s word, how can we as Husband WASH our household when we are DIRTY ourselves?

It means that for the sake of the destinies and eternity of his house hold every Husband must take the Responsibility to be HOLY by his lifestyle become a pattern of godliness for his family. If he wants to make his wife prayerful,he must set himself apart at the place of prayer as well for his wife cannot grow to what her husband is not.

Beloved Husbands, Have we washed ourselves from the mud of Adultery, filthy pictures online, immoral female friends, wrong business partners, so that our wives and children can glean purity from us?

Have we washed ourselves from Big brother Naija, excess sporting events, Prayerlessness,Casual attitude towards God’s word so our wives can become presented to God? Although our wives hear Good sermons in the fellowship,they hardly get transformed because of our dirty character because whenever our wives want to pick in consecration and faithfulness to God our attitude stir up offences that extinguish their little kindled fire.

Beloved husbands, Any woman who hasn’t been washed by us as Husbands Would be full of carry overs from the ‘country of Egypt’. If we desire to see the best from our wives let’s deny ourselves and Labour to teach them God’s word not as lecturer-student or Pastor-member Relationship but done Gently,tenderly and with love.

Engage in couples retreat often,you share God’s word together, sit together to listen to messages on CDs or DVDs from seasoned preachers, buy good books for your wife AND SUPERVISE OR REVIEW them together and you would discover many dark spots and wrinkles of her life would be cleanse.

Remember SIRS, We are the audio visuals in our family which our wives and kids Watch in order to Grow properly in CHRIST JESUS.

SIRS,For our families sake take responsibility to be a HOLY AND A TEACHING Priest!

Let’s Pray!


Ihuoma Ifeanyi

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