Text: It not Good that the Man is Alone I would make an “HELPMEET” for Him.(Gen 2:18)

When God made this statement,He meant that what he is about to create for the Man would be GOOD FOR HIM. The woman was created for the Man’s Good.

Dear Female Readers, God knew what Men needed,and it was You. Every female is very Good for a male,but where purpose is unknown ABUSE IS INEVITABLE.(Any Lady whose existence is to Drag men to Sin by her Lifestyle and dressings is abusing her Purpose).

Secondly, Because there is a work to be DONE for which Adam cannot do ALONE then came a HELP from God.

The Name God called the female wasn’t woman or Eve for It was Adam that called her that but God called the female HELPER.

The First Destiny HELPER God Gives any Man he wants to use to Impact his Generation and at last Get to heaven is not financiers,Good friends or Disciplers(Mentors)but a PRUDENT WIFE.
Help means assistance not Resistance. To Assist Means to push something forward or lift up a burden.

Dear female Reader, All your Education, Giftings, Experience,Money, Beauty was specifically Given Primarily for your husband and not fo thy Pastor or Boss at work place.

That’s is why the first thing any sister should Verify from the Man Who comes for her hand in marriage is what is God’s plan for his life which he cannot do ALONE for which he needed an HELPER else the Grace Deposited WITHIN thee as a wife to HELP would die and that is why many sisters have occupied themselves in another man’s Church using their inherent Gifts to help another Man because their husbands have not found a bearing for their lives for which they can contribute in helping.
Every Man has the Responsibility to have a God’s Divine plan for his else HIS WIFE IS IN TROUBLE and this is a subtle crack in the Marriage.

NB: Atimes the woman is the Deborah (The one with the Divine Mandate)and the Man as Lapidoth(The HELPER).

Thirdly, Woman you are not a CONSUMER but an HELPER…

There are sisters that have this consumer mindset…
They say “I have suffered enough in my father’s house and must enjoy in my husband’s house and so whenever a man comes to THEM that is not Rich currently they decline and hide under Religious cloke that he isn’t God’s will when in Reality they didn’t check if he is God’s will because there Mind Have been fixed that I AM SET TO CONSUME my Husband.

Never say I married to be taken care of or if he knows he cannot take care of me why marry me in the first place? You were not brought into his life primarily to be taken care of Rather God brought you to him because if he was chasing a thousand alone with you he can chase ten thousand.

Dear wife, Marriage is not a Man’s destination or vision and so the wife mustn’t be the object of focus but she is a means in achieving that Vision.
I am not saying the wife would suffer in your husband’s house or not be taken care of for we would still come to that but here is a fact; God didn’t bring you into his life to be an additional load.

There was a load already in his life for which you were created to Alleviate(Help) and so don’t be additional load..

You have lost your original purpose for creation if you’re bent on Consuming your husband’s Resources and not having this mindset that you were created to Render HELP. We have supposed sisters that are so worldy and materialistic and this has put our brothers on Pressure to Pursue after Money not purpose because they want to please their CONSUMERS.
This is why Husbands are not in their EDEN(GOD’S PRESENCE)because they’re in hot pursuit for Mammon not even for themselves but to satisfy the lusts of their nagging CONSUMERS who was originally designed to HELP but has lost her bearing because she don’t know her Role.

Dear female Reader, Help that Man, Cheer him up and strengthen him when he faces serious financial hurdles and don’t cut him down that his mates have finished building houses in village but he is here wasting time.Make him feel the dignity of manhood and by appreciating his efforts even though it is little. Assist him by constantly Reminding him of his Quite time, Assist him by Giving him your body WILLINGLY not grudgingly for they’re Many Jezebels out there contending for his Soul.Assist him in Intercession while he is yet to come to Light or going through fierce Demonic Battles and don’t criticize that Man. Love that Man, Submit to him, Honour him despite his misbehaviours,Pet him for every Man is a baby to his wife,Speak words of encouragement to him as he pursues his Purpose in life.

Oh! Our Marriages Would be home in Eden Again if Husbands can take their Responsibility as FOUNDATIONS and women as HELPERS.

May this Light never leave thy spirit; The sole Reason for your creation IS TO HELP THY HUSBAND fulfill God’s vision for him.
Every woman/wife has lost her original Purpose if she is not helping the Man in his assignment.

Let’s Pray!


Ihuoma Ifeanyi.

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