Today, I’d like to address an issue regarding the pressure that some single ladies put themselves under.

Recently, I’ve had conversations with singles ladies who have shared with me the pains and sacrifices they’ve made in a bid to be married.

I found out that many ladies are under so much pressure to get married before a particular age. Some of them have even given themselves deadlines and as the deadline draws nearer, they become more scared, worried and disturbed that they may never get married on time.

Some of them are ready to settle for any guy who at least shows interest in them. I perceive the feeling of being incomplete just because they not yet Mrs Somebody. Our discussions revealed that some have done everything possible all in a bid to win the hearts of men!
Some have taxed themselves with the duty of cooking for him, of washing his clothes, of tidying his house, of servicing him in anyway possible just to be Mrs Somebody!

Unfortunately, what you don’t realise Single lady is that these guys can perceive the desperation in you and many just enjoy all that you have to offer without actually being ready for a serious relationship with You!

It is good to desire to get married, but being desperate for marriage will likely get you into the hands of the wrong men who would take you for granted and take advantage of you. It could also get you to being married to a man who will not value you.

Realize that there is so much more to your life than being a wife to somebody. You can live successfully without being married! Don’t let your unmarried status work you up with anxiety and depression such that you begin to feel worthless.

Value yourself. I am not saying be proud but carry yourself with respect and stop giving out wifey duties to a guy who hasn’t paid the price to earn that yet, he will neither value you nor your services.
Finally, please note – taking you out for dinner, buying you pizza and ice-cream, taking you to the cinema, etc is not the price! Don’t sell yourself cheap!

It is not about how soon you get married but how well your marriage is. Marriage is a serious issue and it can make or mar your life. Enjoy your singleness and cherish it without pressure because once you get married, you will miss the joy and satisfaction of Me, Myself and I😀😀

You worth more! You deserve more ❤️
-Kayode Gbenga Victor

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