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What He told me is to warn people, and when I obeyed I felt His peace and presence. So, this is not an amazing dream but a divine revelation. I heard heavenly hymns and songs the day I shared this revelation.” Medical and Physical Health Limitations There are certain, specific cases in which it is impossible to have sexual intercourse with the man on top. After reading this article, one brother submitted a question about that very issue asking, “What if because of medical or physical restrictions, the only way a couple could have sex is if the man was on the bottom?” When we initially posted this article and began to receive such questions about medical/physical limitations, my wife and I prayed and asked the Lord how to answer them. We also contacted pastor Oladejo to see if the Lord spoke to him about that. While we were waiting for a response from him, my wife was given Numbers 9:6-13. In the context, the Lord had told the Israelites to celebrate the Passover on the fourteenth day of the first month. Then it says: But there were some men who were unclean because of the dead person, so that they could not observe Passover on that day; so they came before Moses and Aaron on that day. Those men said to him, “Though we are unclean because of the dead person, why are we restrained from presenting the offering of the LORD at its appointed time among the sons of Israel?” Moses therefore said to them, “Wait, and I will listen to what the LORD will command concerning you.” Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, ‘If any one of you or of your generations becomes unclean because of a dead person, or is on a distant journey, he may, however, observe the Passover to the LORD. ‘In the second month on the fourteenth day at twilight, they shall observe it; they shall eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. ‘They shall leave none of it until morning, nor break a bone of it; according to all the statute of the Passover they shall observe it. ‘But the man who is clean and is not on a journey, and yet neglects to observe the Passover, that person shall then be cut off from his people, for he did not present the offering of the LORD at its appointed time. That man will bear his sin. (Num 9:6-13) If you are thinking about taking an exception, you ought to read that passage.

The Lord commanded Moses how and when to celebrate the Passover Feast. However, some people came to Moses and said they were unclean because they had touched a dead person, yet they wanted to celebrate the feast at its appointed time with everyone else. When Moses prayed about it, the Lord made an exception for them and those who were on a journey at the time of Passover, allowing them to celebrate the feast exactly thirty days later. But the Lord warned that they must observe it according to the statute and not change anything else. He strictly warned that if anyone who is clean or not on a journey neglects to observe the Passover at the appointed time as the Lord commanded — in other words, if they take the exception when they are not qualified for it, that person shall be cut off from his people and bear his sin.

The same thing applies to anyone who changes the ordinance of God on their marriage bed, who is not truly qualified for an exception. “Every man’s way is right in his own eyes, But the LORD weighs the hearts.” (Pro 21:2) After we received from the Lord that passage in Numbers, we also received a response by email from Pastor Oladejo, who replied: “Concerning the questions about people with medical/physical needs, such as stroke patients, I have asked the Lord after my encounter, and received an answer. If it is physically impossible to have sex normally, and therefore, you change the ordinance of God, the Lord told me He would judge you righteously.” “However, the Lord told me that He knows men that they will say they have one need or the other that made this impossible for them to obey. He told me then that such claims must be true and honest. If you are unable to have sex normally because of medical/physical needs then you have not sinned. But He said that men would hide under this disguise in order to disobey His law. The Lord told me He knows the heart of men.” “The Lord told me he does not like abstinence from sex. Please tell those abstaining they should come together for sex as regularly as they want with each other.

God designed sex for us to enjoy and not to abstain. It is the will of God to have regular sex with your partner. The Lord wants us to take Lust and masturbation out of our marital bed.” “At no time did the Lord say He would make exceptions for strange sex like oral sex, masturbation, or vibrators, etc.” To further emphasize the key points of what pastor Oladejo has stated, the Lord showed him that; a) He does grant exceptions for married couples with medical/physical limitations. He will judge righteously; b) He does not want any married couple to abstain from sex, but wants them to come together and enjoy each other. c) However, it is imperative that man does not dishonestly claim to be qualified for the exceptions given by God to those with medical/physical limitations. If he claims this exception when it is not really true, and changes the ordinance of God to fulfill his lusts, the Lord knows the man’s heart and will hold him accountable for that sin of disobedience. He will judge righteously. d) He will not grant exceptions for strange sex. WARNING: In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this warning: Do not take this exception for yourself unless you truly and honestly qualify for it. Your eternal soul and that of your spouse is at stake.

Lusting After Your Spouse With regard to lustful feelings of excitement toward one’s spouse, pastor Oladejo clarified, “Lust is a demon and should not be found on the marital bed. God expects us to have sex in love and not lust. We can have sex out of love, so why would we want sex out of lust as a Christian?” Personal Lubricant Lastly, in response to my inquiry, he said, “[Personal] lubricant and condoms were never shown to me as sin at all.” I hope these clarifications help remove any questions you may have about what he meant. Confirmations On December 19, nearly three weeks after posting this article, I had been working with pastor Oladejo on the clarifications, which we had added to the original article, and he made this statement in an email: “I have read the article again and have been praying to the Lord. Two nights ago I saw an angel of the Lord in my room telling me to continue with this work.

The Lord seriously warned that those who are thinking of breaking His ordinances because of medical/physical reasons should be warned that he will judge them righteously.” [Editor’s note: This confirmed what the Lord had previously told pastor Oladejo, and which we had already added to this article about exceptions and the Lord judging righteously. However, since this angelic visitation, I have now added the Lord’s serious warning to the end of that section about exceptions, and I have added the passage from Numbers, which I originally omitted for the sake of space.] He continued, “Also concerning manual stimulation to reach organism, beloved brother, the Lord has confirmed it to me again that it is a sin. It is masturbation performed on a woman by her husband.

We have gone far in lust on our marital bed but the Lord want us to come back to love.” On December 24, 2014, I received the following email from Pastor Oladejo: “Beloved Brother Len, Jesus Christ is being glorified and will be glorified again and again. All glory to His holy name. I am sorry I could not speak to you last night. I felt a heavy sleep and I struggled even to finish my night prayers and I slept off. “In my sleep I heard a voice of an angel telling me I have messages from the Lord. The message was delivered and it was a voice speaking to me: ‘I am pleased with the article written in the blog and I am pleased about the warning that was re-echoed to mankind about taking exceptions.’ “Then I noticed that two other messages were opened, and they were both voices speaking to me, and when I heard them they were two Bible passages: Jude 3 and 1 Thessalonians 4:7. “Then I heard the voice saying: ‘Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints for God has not called us unto uncleanness but unto holiness.’ These words were continuously read in my ears for a long time as I lost count of how many times it was said. “After that I heard the voice saying: ‘Many of my servants have ignored my warnings to keep holiness on their matrimonial bed, because they enjoy their sins and are afraid to lose membership of their church, so they compromised. Tell them to repent.

I am interested in holiness both in the open and in your secrets places.’ “After this the message started again: ‘Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints for God has not called us unto uncleanness but unto holiness.’ This was continued until I woke up. “Beloved brother Len, the Lord is happy. All glory to His holy name. God bless you. Pastor Oladejo” If you need further confirmation about these things, then check out Robert Brownell’s Little Lessons on his Divine Revelations website. He stated in lesson number forty, “Keep oral and anal sex out of a marriage. These defile you. In a dream, I was shown an oral sex demon, it was absolutely disgusting, believe me you don’t want anything to do with its sin. The desire for oral sex is usually the desire for someone to physically worship you. Stay away from it. Keep the spirits of domination and bondage out of a marriage bed also. Also, when a person masturbates, they are having sex with a demon and don’t know it.” That is not a recent comment of his, but has been posted for quite some time. After I shared this present article with him about the Warning for Christian Married Couples given to pastor Oladejo, he replied, “I’ve concluded the same things that he talks about, in my fifteen years of marriage” Another confirmation is from a Hungarian sister in Christ, named Eudoxia Varga, who received a divine revelation of heaven and hell. She was shown a demon in hell, which looks like a beautiful woman, and she is laying on a bed masturbating, casting spells on people who are alive on earth, so that they will commit that sin and go to that unimaginably terrible place of eternal torment. Another confirmation is in the “A Trip to Hell” video that I wrote about, in which they saw by divine revelation that there are people being tormented in hell for masturbating. I have also written about our Zambian sister, Rachael Mushala’s Testimony of Hell, in which she stated, “I was in my room one night when The Lord showed me a section in hell for those who masturbate. This section was dreary and desolate. I saw a woman on a chair. She was chained with large chains to the chair on which she was sitting, and she couldn’t move at all! This woman was burnt beyond recognition. All that had remained of her body looked like ash. She was completely gray, charred, and seemed to be in great agony. I then was made to understand she was there for masturbating during her life on earth. I believe the Lord showed me that, because He wants to use it to reach those who are caught in this sin.” These are but a few examples I can cite for you, aside from the many Scriptures calling for sexual purity, some of which I have already mentioned.

From the admin: For  those of us who took time to read through this revelation, the bible has made it clear that marriage is honourable and the bed is undefiled…(Heb.13:4) but that doesn’t give us the liberty to do it dirtily.  Apostle Paul admonished that we should do everything we do decently and in order.  What will take many to hell is not because they are sinners but because of ‘it doesn’t matter’.

May God help us!

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