That moment a brother rose up after eating in a restaurant and was about to leave when he mistakenly hit his leg against a nearby table. “Are you blind?” Arnold quickly bent down to pick up the hamburger and placed it on the table. Evelyn hissed without looking at him. “I’m sorry, Ma’am” he politely pleaded. She rose up in a jiffy out of annoyance and left the restaurant. Standing beside her outside the restaurant, she didn’t look at his side but was busy speaking with someone on the phone. Arnold stood there waiting to take a taxi when he again mistakenly pushed her while attempting to catch the taxi. “Are you blind?” she asked him again. Her phone’s screen had already been broken due to its impact on the hard surface. With trembling hand, he picked it up. “I’m sorry. I’m…” “Sorry for what?” she cut in. To avoid unnecessary face-off, he decided to buy a new phone for her. “Hello Mr Man, is everything OK with you?” she asked while holding her broken phone. Arnold was a gentle and intelligent man who worked in a telecommunication company. “Madam, I’m sorry. If you don’t mind, we can visit the nearest phone shop to buy another one. I’m sorry” She didn’t utter any word but stood there akimbo wondering the bad luck following the tall and fair looking guy standing in front of her.

 Evelyn has recently graduated and was looking for a job. She went to the restaurant to meet a friend who promised to help her but she disappointed her. Feeling dejected, she sat there ruminating on what next to do when Arnold hit her table. However, Arnold had received a good news of an offer of a lucrative job in a foreign country. Overwhelmed with joy, his vision was temporarily covered with mist of fulfilled dream of travelling out of the country in pursuance of God’s purpose for his life. They trekked to the nearest shop. “Please, pick a phone of your choice” He told her. She remained mute temporarily because of his kindness and show of gracious behaviour. It was the repeated request to pick a phone that jolted her back. “Thank you. I will manage my broken phone” “No! Please, accept my apology by picking a phone.” He protested calmly.

 The shopkeeper who was watching the mild drama jumped into the conversation, “I have the latest iPhones here and your husband is capable of buying it. I love what I’m seeing. Wow! You are looking fly” They made eye contact but Evelyn quickly looked at the other side. Before Arnold could say anything, the shopkeeper had displayed five different phones for her to pick from. After pressuring and encouraging her, she picked one. Arnold paid for it with ease. “Name please?” the shopkeeper asked when he wanted to write the receipt. “Your name, sister?” Arnold asked her. “Evelyn” “What’s going on here? Is she not your wife?” “No!” The shopkeeper facial expression revealed his confusion. The deal was done and they left the shop. “I’m sorry. I really need the phone for my job hunt. Thank you very much” Evelyn said passionately. “I strongly hope that your effort will be rewarded. Here is my card. If you don’t mind, send your CV to me” “Thank you so much Mr…” “Arnold!” He added. They discussed briefly and left. Later that evening, he received an email from Evelyn, checked her CV and forwarded it to one of his friends working in one of the Universities.

 Dr. Abel booked an appointment with her and they met in his office. Fortunately, there was a vacancy for the post of graduate assistant in the Biology department. “Thank you very much for the information and your readiness to help me” Evelyn said. “It’s a pleasure. But I need a favour from you.” “Please, go ahead sir.” “Can we meet this evening?” “For what sir?” “To reward me for the job awaiting you here in this department” “I don’t understand sir.” . “Do you have a boyfriend? “Why are you asking sir?” He tried to hold her right hand but she withdrew her hand immediately. “You better cooperate. I’m the alpha and omega in this department. Just one evening and that’s all” He pressed further. Evelyn rose up out of annoyance to give him a proper response, “You are seeing me for the first time and you want to take advantage of me. You are so mean!” “Get out of my office! Out! If you apply for this post, I, Dr Abel will stand against you. Arrant nonsense!” He ordered her out of his office. When she got home, grief enveloped her and she wept sore. This was the fourth time she would be offered that demeaning offer to sleep with them before she could be offered any job. Her aging mother and her younger brother in the University depended on her. One of their Uncles who has been supporting them suddenly withdrew his support when Evelyn refused to marry his Uncle’s favourite. Ambrose, (aka “Pillar, the great”) was a ruthless businessman in their village whose influence cut across their state. To offset his debt, he promised to marry her off to Ambrose. The struggle made her mother’s health to deteriorate. She even persuaded her to accept his uncle’s offer but her younger brother stood his ground. Evelyn decided not to contact Arnold again. The silence prompted him to send an email to her but no response from her.

 He later contacted Dr. Abel who told him she pestered him to sleep with her. This confession made him to stop communicating with her. After three months, Arnold relocated to Antwerp, Belgium. He was doing great in his new job and mingled well with his colleagues. After four months, one of his colleagues invited him to attend a Christian conference in Brussels. It was during the break in the afternoon while looking through the displayed books, CDs etc that he noticed someone beside him speaking in his dialect on the phone. While she was about to drop the phone into her bag, Arnold’s and Evelyn’s eyes met. “Evelyn’! ” Mr Andrew…. No, Mr Arnold!”. They were surprised to meet in a faraway Belgium and later exchanged contacts.

 The conference ended but their communication reignited on a greater level. Evelyn came to do her Masters program in Biology with graduation option in Ecology and Biodiversity in Vrije Universiteit, Brussels. It was after her refusal to compromise during her job hunting that the Lord opened the door of studying abroad. “How did you get the opportunity?” Arnold asked her. “I went for an interview and as usual, the boss wanted to sleep with me but I refused. Seeing my determination, he was touched.” “Really?” “It was after two weeks that I received a text message from him telling me my firm action prompted him to reconsider his moral life. He promised to turn a new leaf and that’s it.” “So, how did you get here?” “How I got here?” “Yes!” “OK, I went to the airport, told the immigration officer to open the gate for me, entered the cockpit, commanded the pilot to take me to any country in the world.

After flying for 8 hours, he decided to land in Brussels and pleaded with me to get down.” “Really?” She continued, “As I left the airport, I looked around for “agege bread” but couldn’t find any. In fact, a man collected bribe from me and enrolled me in the University here. And suddenly, a friend of Dr. Abel chased after me to this foreign land and he is here asking me how I got here. Am I safe?” ” Hahaha…. You are too funny, Evelyn!” They both laughed over the funny analogy. “My journey here was a miracle. Hmnn, God did it!” She exclaimed. “Yes, you mentioned Dr. Abel? What you did made me to think twice before recommending other people again” Arnold confessed. “What did I do?” “To… To… Em… He said you… Em… Tried to… ” “Dr. Abel wanted my body by force but I refused” “But he told me you wanted to sleep with him” “Hmnn, Dr Abel! Arnold, he was the one who tried to and God will judge him for his evil action” she prayed. Something began to grow in Arnold’s heart and its sweetness was more than that of honey. The more he prayed about it, the sweeter and lovelier it became. In fact, a day wouldn’t passed by without his antenna of love picking a signal from Brussels.

However, Evelyn has almost given a yes answer to a brother before travelling out of the country. The more she prayed, the more fear in her heart. Edward was a nice brother but God has a better husband and His will for her. She loved him too but something wasn’t adding up in her spirit. Edward once promised to elope with her if his mother refused to accept her. “Elope?” “No big deal. We would settle in the neighbouring country and enjoy our marriage.” Edward promised her. “But that is not scriptural.” “Ha! Patriarch Jacob eloped with Leah and Rachael in the Bible. Laban tried to fight but God intervened. So, my mother is the present day Laban and God is happy with our plan. Babe, read your Bible.” Bro Edward reassured her. Evelyn couldn’t respond because of the way he has been trying to use Bible verses to convince her against some Biblical principles. God used her House fellowship leader to encourage her to wait for God’s will and shun compromising brothers.

 Arnold opened up to his Pastor who admonished him to pray more. He didn’t like the idea of waiting again fearing a smarter brother would snatch Evelyn from him. God in His infinite wisdom used the testimony of a brother who against hope believed God and that precious sister in another country was preserved for him despite some brothers asking her hand in marriage. The Bible verses in that testimony he read in a Christian magazine really encouraged him, “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. 36) For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. 37) For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry.” (Hebrews 10:35 – 37) He kept on praying and waiting upon the Lord until he was convinced. Evelyn’s supervisor informed her about a researcher from her country of origin coming to do three months research in their department.

 After one month, she called Arnold to come over to meet her in her University. Arnold arrived the following day. She took him to meet the new researcher. Lo and behold, Dr. Abel was standing in front of them. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry” he pleaded without asking him any question. She forgave him and they went to take coffee together. When Evelyn accompanied him to the train station, they couldn’t utter a word but looked at each other. The butterflies were disturbing their stomachs and only the hosts of heaven could read and understand what was transpiring between them. “Bro Arnold, your train has arrived” “My train? Oh, I have forgotten. I mean, I need to go now” “Take care and have a pleasant journey!” “And you too. I mean, have a pleasant stay in my heart. Sorry, I mean, in your city” He rushed inside the train.. Evelyn, who was equally pregnant with love couldn’t resist the love drama and started laughing. She had already informed her Pastor’s wife who has really helped her spiritual growth since her arrival in that city.

After a while, the road was cleared by God and his Pastor and Arnold was ready to propose to her. On that glorious day, they met and the love bomb of “I love you” was released and their courtship began. One day, Arnold asked her, “Are you blind?” “Why?” “Remember our first meeting in the restaurant when I mistakenly hit your table and broke your phone too” He reminded her. “Oh, my God!” “You can see that I’m not blind now. I saw a beautiful daughter of God and can’t take my eyes off you now and forever.” he said joyfully. “In fact, you are full of vision. Yes, vision of God and that of Arnold’s beautiful fiancée” She added with a glowing smile. She finished her Masters program and they travelled back to their country for their wedding ceremony with other pleasant surprises of good job for her, fulfilling God’s purpose of help ministry to the missionaries in the North Africa and Asia continents and healing of long standing ailments in their lives. Of course, the Lord added to their family.

*********************************************** Beloved, God is ever true and faithful. He works in diverse ways to fulfil His purpose in our lives. He can use any circumstance to reveal His mind to you. Only be sensitive and be sincere. That relocation may be a signal to find your life partner. That unpleasant situation may be God’s way of drawing your attention to Him. That reoccurring contact with that brother/sister may be a sign from the Lord. In all situations, seek God’s face to know His mind. He will definitely speak if you are His child and obedient. Are you His child? If not, repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. God is interested in your marital life.

 Give Him a chance and great shall your blessings and testimonies be. Don’t elope with him/her. Don’t be a THIEF. Seek his/her Parents’ blessing. It pays! If they are adamant, commit their hearts to God. He will convince them. Are you looking for a job? Please, don’t compromise your godly stand. God will give you the right job In all your ways, acknowledge God. #godlydietwitholumide Olumide Fatunsin

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